Isaac Hockenhull

Isaac Hockenhull

Isaac Hockenhull was born to John Hockenhull Gray and Martha Ella Hockenhull. His mother made a living by selling hair and skin care products that she developed.

He married gospel singer Mahalia Jackson in 1936. They were divorced later on due to her reluctance to move beyond gospel music.

He was a chemist

Isaac Hockenhull was a chemist who married the legendary gospel singer Mahalia Jackson. He was born to John Hockenhull Gray and Martha Ella Hockenhull in Harvey, Illinois, in November 1901.

His father was a hair care salesman and his mother sold her own products. He graduated from Tuskegee Institute and helped her develop scores of new solutions for hair care.

He also invented the smallest light bulb known to man.

What was so impressive about the small device he created was that it was able to last for years without burning out.

It was made from aluminum and contained a small bulb that would light up once a day to indicate the time. It was the most efficient and energy-efficient light bulb in the world at that time.

Isaac was also an avid gambler and often spent the money he made singing in a gambling establishment. He was also a tad obsessed with the number three and the octogonal ape.

He married Mahalia Jackson

Mahalia Jackson is one of the most famous American gospel singers and spirituals. She was able to bring tears of joy to people all over the world because of her powerful voice and the way she sang.

She was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, in 1911. Her parents were Johnny Jackson, a Baptist preacher and barber, and Charity Clark.

When she was young, Mahalia lived in a three-room house on Pitt Street in the Carrollton neighborhood of Uptown New Orleans. She grew up with her mother, grandmother, and several aunts.

In 1935, she met a chemist named Isaac Hockenhull. They got married after a year.

While they were together, they struggled with their finances. Her husband was a compulsive gambler and spent the money she made singing.

When she became successful, Mahalia started her own business. She owned a flower shop and a beauty salon. She also appeared in a movie called Imitation of Life in 1959.

He was a gambler

Mahalia Jackson, the famous gospel singer, was married to Isaac Hockenhull in 1936. Their marriage lasted five years, and they divorced in 1941 due to Hockenhull’s gambling addiction.

In 1935, Hockenhull met Jackson while she was working as a postman during the Great Depression. She was impressed by his manners, politeness and how he carried himself. He was ten years older than her and loved to hear her sing the gospels.

After they were married, Isaac urged Mahalia to pursue her singing career and she eventually achieved this. He encouraged her to take lessons from Thomas Dorsey, the father of gospel music, which involved altering her breathing, phrasing and drumming in order to make her sound better.

The couple struggled financially and when their investments started to grow, Isaac became addicted to gambling. He bought a racehorse with Mahalia’s money while she was on tour, and used her belongings as collateral for his debts, so they ended their marriage amicably in 1943.

He died in 1973

He was born in Harvey, Illinois on November 15, 1901 to John Hockenhull Gray and Martha Ella Hockenhull. He was a chemist who met his future wife Mahalia Jackson when she worked as a postman during the Great Depression. The two exchanged wedding vows in Chicago.

He was also a savvy businessman, investing in everything from televised news reports to record royalties. In fact, he had one of the most expensive homes in Chicago. Despite his wealth, he was a narcissist and had trouble controlling his impulsive spending ways. For instance, he bought a racehorse with Mahalia’s money while she was on tour. Sadly, he died in 1973 at the age of 71. It was an age when many people did not make it to retirement age. As a result, the estate was passed down to his many relatives. It has been estimated that his funeral attracted thousands of visitors. To help the surviving members of the family cope with his loss, Sysoon has created a unique memorial website for him.

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