Is Candy Montgomery Still Married

Is Candy Montgomery Still Married?

Candy Montgomery is still alive and working as a therapist. She lives and works in the Dawsonville area of Georgia.

She and her husband Pat divorced four years after the trial. She changed her name back to Candace Wheeler (her maiden name) and now works as a mental health counselor.

What happened to Pat Montgomery?

Candy Wheeler married accomplished electrical engineer Pat Montgomery in the 1970s and the two had an idyllic suburban life. She earned a good salary from her job at Texas Instruments, helping them live comfortably in the small town of Wylie, where she and her husband raised their children.

But things took a turn for the worse when she had an affair with Betty Gore, her best friend’s wife. After police linked the murder to her, she was forced to reveal all her salacious details.

However, Pat stood by her through the trial and acquittal of her murder charge. He genuinely wanted to make sure her story was not forgotten and that she received the support she needed.

Currently, Pat is living a quiet life in Georgia and he uses the name “James” now. He and Candy divorced four years after the trial. She now uses her maiden name, Candace Wheeler. She is a certified family counselor.

What happened to Candy Montgomery?

If you haven’t heard the story of Candy Montgomery, it’s about a woman who killed her neighbor Betty Gore with an ax. It shocked the small town of Wylie, Texas, and has now inspired two new true-crime series.

The Hulu show Candy starring Jessica Biel and HBO Max’s Love and Death starring Elizabeth Olsen are both focusing on the case. These series tell the horrifying true story of how Montgomery killed her neighbor Betty Gore, who was slain with an ax 41 times.

Montgomery alleged that she attacked Betty in self-defense after she and her friend had a heated confrontation over her affair with Gore’s husband. She also claimed that she acted in fear of her life. A psychiatrist who put Montgomery under hypnosis claimed that her rage was the result of childhood trauma. However, the jury acquitted her of murder charges on October 29, 1980.

Are Pat and Candy still married?

When Pat and Candy married in the early 1970s they relocated to Wylie Texas, where he was an electrical engineer and she was a secretary. The couple had two children, a son and a daughter.

But while Pat Montgomery was a good husband and worked hard to provide for his family, he reportedly became bored with Candy’s lifestyle. She was always on the go and looking for adventure.

He even tried to get her to take up a second job to make more money, but she was too busy with her work and her children, according to Texas Monthly.

When she began an affair with Allan Gore, Candy kept it secret from Pat. They had an on-and-off relationship for a while, but they ended it when her pregnancy started to affect Allan’s marriage.

Are Pat and Candy divorced?

When Pat and Candy Montgomery married in the early 1970s, they moved to Wylie, Texas. They had two children together and were a happily-married couple.

But when Candy started an affair with Betty Gore’s husband, Allan, things began to unravel in the marriage. The relationship began when Allan met Candy at a church event.

They started seeing each other every other week, like clockwork. It was easy for Candy to make plans to meet with Allan because she was free on the days that her son went to preschool.

The sex was gentle, conventional, and satisfying. It also made Candy feel alive again.

But Candy started to have second thoughts about the affair after she realized that she probably wasn’t going to get much better sex from Allan. Eventually, she decided to end the relationship.

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