How Old Is Iman

How Old Is Iman Abdulmajid?

Supermodel Iman Abdulmajid has opened up about her beauty standards and ageing process in an interview with British Vogue. She has also revealed her go-to hack during online meetings.

Despite her success as a model, Iman has kept her Somali heritage close to her heart. She often promotes groups that help disadvantaged children in her native Africa.

She was born on 25 July 1955

She is a famous model, actress, singer and businesswoman. She is known for her striking looks, copper-toned skin, slender figure and tall stature.

She has worked with a number of famous designers and photographers. She has appeared in Vogue and has starred in a number of commercial campaigns for major brands.

Despite being a beauty queen, she is also an activist who works to promote Multiple Sclerosis awareness in Pakistan. She has also been involved in various charitable efforts, and she has founded her own cosmetics brand, PrettyPret2021.

She is a Pakistani actress, model and singer who has made her debut in the film industry with Khuda Kay Liye. She has also acted in several other films including Mah e Mir and Bol.

She is 67 years old

Iman Ali is a stunning actress and model who can mesmerize anyone with her attractive looks and amazing acting skills. She is the daughter of veteran actors Abid Ali and Humaira Ali.

She has acted in several successful dramas and movies that increased her popularity among the audience and made people her fans. She has a beautiful personality that makes people admire her even more.

Her parents separated many years back and she lives with her mother. She is a patient with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and she never let her ill health stop her career or personal life.

She started modeling at an early age and has walked the runway for renowned designers. She became a cover girl for Vogue in 1976 and has posed for top brands including Versace, Thierry Mugler, Calvin Klein, and Yves Saint Laurent. She has also launched her own beauty line called Iman Cosmetics.

She has a height of 1.75 m

Iman is a model and actress who is known for her appearance in numerous dramas. She has also appeared in several films which have made her a big name in the industry.

Imaan was born on 19 December 1977 in Lahore, Pakistan. She is currently 18 years old and unmarried.

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She has a weight of 58 kg

Despite her busy schedule as a model, Iman is still able to manage to maintain a fit figure. She weighs in at a healthy 58 kg and wears a size 4 shoe.

She is also a savvy mom who takes her children out on frequent adventures including boating, surfing and horseback riding. She and husband Teyana Taylor have two adorable children and are reportedly enjoying life together after many years of dating. Iman is a devoted Muslim and has a good sense of humor.

In the sexy department, she is a lady with a very nice figure and a love of food and wine. She has a great sense of style and carries herself with grace, making her the queen of social media. The biggest challenge in her life is figuring out the best time to hit the gym as her busy schedule does not allow her to squeeze in a routine workout session. Thankfully, she has a dedicated personal trainer to help her get back in shape.

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