Heather Fleck

Heather Fleck

Fleck is making waves at the University of Minnesota. His innovative ways of energising the program—including dance routines, YouTube videos, and in-stadium DJs—have made the Gophers a fan favourite.

Heather Fleck is the wife of PJ Fleck, the current head coach of the Golden Gophers football team. She has 14 tattoos on her body and is active on social media.

She is the wife of PJ Fleck

Heather Fleck is the wife of PJ Fleck, who is the current head coach of the Minnesota Golden Gophers football team. She is active on social media and posts updates about her family life. She has 14 tattoos and is a big supporter of her husband’s career.

Fleck has two daughters: Paisley Jane and Harper Marie. Their son, Colt, died shortly after birth due to a heart problem. Fleck graduated from Kaneland High School in Maple Park, Illinois, where he was a standout player on the football team. He also lettered in varsity track and basketball.

Fleck and Heather have been together since 2013, and got engaged in 2015. She moved with her husband to Minnesota when he was named the university’s head football coach. She works at a Harold Zeigler car dealership in Kalamazoo, Michigan. She has a 7,000 square foot lake house and lives off her husband’s $800,000 salary. She is often seen dancing the Harlem Shake at games and promoting her husband’s program using her catchphrase, “rowing the boat.” Her friendliness and emotional mast made her popular among fans.

She is a mother of three children

Heather Fleck and her husband, PJ Fleck, have a large blended family. She has a son named Gavin from her first marriage and she also has a daughter, Paisley, with PJ. They all get along well together and share a passion for football. The couple leads a good life and tries to give back to the community whenever they can.

Fleck’s attempts to energise the WMU program made headlines, including dancing (the Harlem Shake), adding an in-stadium DJ for games, and announcing a team mantra of “row the boat.” He became MAC coach of the year in 2014 after leading the Broncos to an eight-win season.

Despite the grueling schedule, Fleck has stayed positive and focused on his family. He has a strong faith and believes that it is important to keep your family close. He often visits the University of Minnesota’s children’s hospital to see his players and their families. He says that small gestures can make a difference in people’s lives.

She is active on social media

Heather Fleck is the wife of PJ Fleck, the head coach of Minnesota Golden Gophers. She is active on social media and has a lot of followers. She also does charitable work.

She has about 14 tattoos, including a lotus blossom on her ribcage. She claims that this is one of her favorite tattoos. She also has two large flower tattoos that represent her and PJ, and a smaller one for their players.

The couple’s dedication to their community has inspired many young minds. They frequently host fundraisers and visit hospitals. They are also big supporters of the local Ronald McDonald House.

Heather Fleck first met her husband in 2013 when they were both recovering from divorces. She had been a three-sport athlete, playing as a basketball point guard, volleyball setter, and softball shortstop or center fielder while attending Gobles High School outside Kalamazoo. She then worked at the Ziegler Automotive Group while her then-unknown beau got his first head coaching job at Western Michigan.

She has 14 tattoos

PJ Fleck’s wife, Heather, has 14 tattoos on her body. She is very active on social media and shares a lot of information about her life with her followers. Many people are curious about her tattoos and what they mean.

One of her favourite tattoos is a lotus flower which she has on her ribcage. Another is a small lion which she has on her shoulder. She also has two large flowers on her chest which represent herself and PJ.

Heather has been a huge supporter of her husband and the Gophers football team. She even defended the team when a Minnesota-based sportswriter made fun of them. Her love for her husband is evident in the way she supports them. She has even gone as far as to dance the Harlem Shake and host a party in their home for players. Holly Anderson of Sports Illustrated called her the best new hire of 2013, even if only for getting the word out about a fundraiser for Michigan Special Olympics.

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