Hasty Khoei

Hasty Khoei

Hasty Khoei is an American personality who is best known as the founder as well as chocolatier of a Beverly Hills chocolate boutique named Madame Chocolat. She is also a part of the International Culinary Center network and can be seen demonstrating pastry skills on the show Nailed It.

She is of mixed ancestry and has an American citizenship. She is 33 years old and her zodiac sign is Virgo.

Her Husband

Hasty Khoei, who is an American citizen of mixed ancestry, was born in New York City. She is 33 years old and her zodiac sign is Virgo. She is a fitness enthusiast and has beautiful dark brown eyes. She also has blonde hair.

She married Jacques Torres in 2007 and the couple has two children; a son, Pierre, and a daughter, Jacqueline. She and her husband own a famous chocolate boutique in Beverly Hills and they are also the hosts of the cooking show Nailed It.

Hasty Khoei studied business at USC and then went to New York to study with her husband, a famous French pastry chef and chocolatier. Upon her return to Los Angeles, she started the Madame Chocolat chocolate boutique. She is a firm believer in diversity and openly supports the pride movement. She also has a strong stance against racism. Her Instagram account is filled with pictures of her family, and she has many followers on that platform.


Jacques Torres’ wife, Hasty Khoei, is also an accomplished pastry chef. She is the director of Madame Chocolate in Beverly Hills, California. She also teaches classes and appears on Nailed It.

The couple has been married since 2007. They are both famous in their respective fields and have been a wonderful team together. They are very close and they love each other dearly. They are a source of inspiration for many people.

Their home is a place where they can spend time with their family. They have a nice dining room table and the whole family enjoys eating dessert. There is a white Arteriors Tilda chandelier which is reminiscent of a whisk covered in whipped cream.

Hasty has a great height and she is blessed with a good body weight to match it. She has a healthy diet and follows a balanced lifestyle. She is an active member of social media and has thousands of followers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Net Worth

Hasty Khoei was born on November 7th, 1975 in the United States of America. She is the daughter of Badri and Jahan Khoei. She also has a brother named Johnny. Hasty has very limited information about her childhood.

She married French pastry chef and chocolatier Jacques Torres in the year 2007. The couple has a son named Pierre and a daughter named Jacqueline. The family resides in New York City.

Hasty is a well-known personality who has earned fame as the wife of renowned chef Jacques Torres. She is also a successful entrepreneur and founder of Madame Chocolat in Beverly Hills. She has a net worth of $3 million. The couple is often seen on TV shows like Nailed It, Dessert Circus and Chocolate With Jacques Torres. The duo has a strong bond and often share their cute family moments on Instagram. They have been together for over a decade and are very happy in their relationship.


Hasty Khoei is 46 years old and she was born in the United States. She has a beautiful blonde hair and she is a fitness fanatic. She is a housewife and she spends most of her time with her children and husband. Her net worth is around 1 million US dollars.

Hasty is the founder as well as chocolatier of Madame Chocolate located in Beverly Hills. She is a celebrity wife who is famous for her association with the French Pastry chef and chocolatier Jacques Torres. Jacques is a member of the International Culinary Center community and also holds pastry demonstrations on the show Nailed It.

Hasty is very close to her husband and has always supported his profession. In fact, she has even kept her Instagram handle as Madame Chocolat. She is very active on social media and she has a huge following on her Instagram account. She has an excellent figure with a chest-waist-hip measurement of 34-28-35 inches.

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