Gweneth Gonzales Thomas

Gweneth Gonzales Thomas

Richard Thomas is a famous American actor who has been in show business for decades. He rose to fame after portraying John-Boy Walton in the TV series The Waltons.

He married Alma Gonzales in 1975, and the couple had triplet daughters. However, the marriage ended in divorce.

Richard Thomas’s Wife Alma Gonzales

Richard Thomas is an American actor who has made his name as a successful film and television star. He won an Emmy Award for his role in The Waltons. He has also won a nomination and two Golden Globe Awards.

He first met his wife Alma Gonzales while she was dancing in a middle eastern club. He immediately fell in love with her and married her in 1975.

His and Alma’s marriage went through a lot, but they managed to get through it. During their time together, they had four children: Richard Jr., Pilar, Barbara, and Gwyneth.

After their divorce, Thomas remarried art dealer Georgiana Bischoff. He has been with her for nearly three decades and they have been very happy together.

Their marriage is a beautiful example of how couples can keep their relationship strong despite the challenges that life throws at them. They have been able to find ways to co-parent their four children and make it work.

Richard Thomas’s Daughter Gweneth Gonzales

Gweneth Gonzales Thomas is the daughter of American actor Richard Thomas and his ex-wife Alma Gonzales. She was born on August 26, 1981.

After meeting in the 1970s, Richard and Alma fell in love. They married in 1975 at a church on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. They spent the night at New York’s Plaza Hotel and took a hansom cab around Central Park after the wedding.

They got pregnant five years later and were blessed with triplets. They named their daughters Barbara Ayala, Gweneth Gonzales and Pilar Alma.

They were happy with their marriage until a few years ago when Alma asked for a divorce. This surprised Richard, who believed that they had a great marriage. However, they decided to settle it amicably for the sake of their children. It was a difficult time for the couple, but they were able to blend their triplets into a perfect family.

Richard Thomas’s Mother After Divorce

Alma Gonzales and Richard Thomas met in the 1970s at a Middle Eastern nightclub in Los Angeles that specialized in folk dancing. Despite the three-year age gap, they managed to create a beautiful love story.

Their marriage was a fairytale that took them to New York City and shared their marital vows at his childhood church on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. He was very happy in the relationship, but later on, he started to feel uneasy about his marriage and he went into therapy.

He also had an affair with a woman he met at a restaurant and it eventually led to his divorce. He reportedly had to go through a painful separation.

He then met and fell in love with Santa Fe art dealer Georgiana Bischoff, who he married around 1994. They have seven kids together, and they have a mixed family with numerous grandchildren. They live in a house in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Richard Thomas’s Father After Divorce

Richard Thomas had to deal with a lot of problems and pains in his life. Fortunately, he was able to overcome these problems and found love again. He also managed to get his life back on track after a divorce that left him broken up for 17 years.

He later married a woman named Georgiana Bischoff and is now the proud parent of five kids. Their baby girl, Montana James, was born in 1996.

According to the reports, the couple is still struggling to work out their differences. They are trying to figure out how to legally share the custody of their children.

Despite all of the difficulties, Richard was still very caring towards his wife. He was especially careful about her progress in school and encouraged her to keep up her grades. He even helped her prepare for her job interviews. He also stayed with her when she was pregnant with their triplets, Barbara Ayala, Gweneth Gonzales, and Pilar Alma.

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