Genevieve Halford

Genevieve Halford – Former Wife of Jackie Gleason

Sadly, Genevieve Halford, former wife of American actor Jackie Gleason, passed away on July 9, 2012. She was 96 years old.

They were married for 33 years and divorced in 1970. The marriage was fraught with many problems due to his alcoholism and carousing.


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Gleason married Genevieve Halford, a dancer from Brooklyn, in 1936. They were together for 33 years and divorced in 1970.

Gleason and Halford had a very difficult marriage that was characterized by drinking, partying, and womanizing. They separated numerous times and eventually divorced in 1970. They had two daughters, Geraldine and Linda.


While working in vaudeville, Jackie Gleason got the attention of a dancer by the name of Genevieve Halford. They started dating and it didn’t take long before Halford gave Gleason the ultimatum – get married or she would start seeing other men. The two were officially wed on September 20, 1936.

Although their marriage was a success for most of the time, it wasn’t without its share of trials and tribulations. Gleason’s obsession with alcohol and his penchant for carousing probably did the most to sour the relationship, but it wasn’t the only reason for his divorce. He also cheated on his wife several times, including the oddly named Marilyn Taylor. The most expensive of all his affairs was his marriage to Beverley McKittrick in 1968, which is a good thing since she is the mother of his only child, actor Jason Patric. The aforementioned marriage lasted ten years until McKittrick moved on to Hollywood and Gleason took the short cut to the Florida sunshine state, where he died in 1987 at age 71.


Genevieve Halford, one-time wife of Jackie Gleason, was a devoted mother and grandmother. She was also a devout Catholic and generous advocate of personal charity. She was a longtime volunteer at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Midtown Manhattan and a contributor to the American Red Cross, the Veterans of Foreign Wars, and the Association of Ladies of Charity.

Jackie Gleason, actor and comedian, met his first wife, Genevieve Halford, while he was working in night clubs in Brooklyn. They married in September 1936.

Their marriage was a rocky one, and they separated and reconciled multiple times over. They had two children, Linda and Geraldine.

In 1971, Genevieve Halford divorced Gleason and married Beverly McKittrick. They had another child, Robert Lee Halford. The marriage was also rocky and ended in 1974.


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