Fatima Asghari

Fatima Asghari – Mother of Football Star Sam Asghari

Fatima Asghari is the mother of Sam Asghari. She lives in Iran with her husband and has three daughters.

She was very supportive of her husband when he decided to move to the United States. She also supported him in his endeavors to better his family’s life.

Mike Asghari’s wife is a very strong and independent woman. She has always put her children first and has raised them well.

Sam Asghari’s Mother

Sam Asghari’s mother, Fatima Asghari, is a loving and supportive mother. She is proud of her son and always congratulates him on his achievements.

As a matter of fact, she is very active on social media and regularly posts pictures with her son. She also shares birthday wishes and other messages with her son.

She is also very supportive of her son’s career and has always been there for him.

Her two daughters, Maddie and Fay, are nurses as well. They also model.

Nevertheless, she is not very open about her political views. She has not publicly stated her views, but it can be assumed that she is liberal because of the way she supports her children’s lifestyle in the United States.

She is also very supportive of her son’s relationship with Britney Spears. She always encourages him to follow his dreams and achieve what he wants in life.

Mike Asghari’s Wife

Mike Asghari’s wife Fatima Asghari is the mother of Iranian fitness model Sam Asghari. The couple has four children – three daughters and one son.

Her eldest daughter Maddy is a registered nurse, family nurse practitioner and medical aesthetician. She also owns a cosmetic company called Spa Medica Aesthetic.

She is a proud dog lover and often shares pictures of her dogs on social media. She and her husband Mike have a good relationship with their daughters.

They moved to the United States several years ago, after the father had migrated from Iran. He worked as a tow truck driver, and sent most of his salary to his wife and kids.

The pair got engaged in 2021, after they met on a music video shoot for Britney’s song. They kept their relationship private for a long time, but eventually decided to publicly announce their engagement on September 12 in 2016.

The couple got married on June 9 in California. The wedding was officiated by Reverend Clint Hufft, who also officiated Paris Hilton’s 2021 wedding.

Sam Asghari’s Children

Britney Spears has recently announced she is pregnant again – and it looks like her long-term boyfriend Sam Asghari will be her baby daddy! The pair met on the set of her Slumber Party music video in 2016, and they have since made it clear they are very serious about a family together.

Asghari, who was born in Iran, moved to the US with his father Mike when he was two years old. He studied criminal justice and worked three jobs to support himself before going on a diet and losing 100 pounds.

His aversion to meat and desire for fitness helped him get fit and build a strong physique. He is now a personal trainer and has appeared on the catwalk as well as in the movies.

Sam and Britney have always wanted children together, so the couple has been attempting to conceive for a while now. But they’ve had a few bumps in the road, including a miscarriage. But they’re determined to keep trying until they succeed!

Mike Asghari’s Location

Sam Asghari was born in Tehran, Iran and was raised by his mother Fatima and father Mike. He was introduced to football when he was young and wished to pursue it as his career.

He migrated to the United States in 2006 and joined his father who was living there. It was a tough time for him to leave his loved ones behind, but he eventually accepted the move.

After graduating from high school, he began studying Criminal Justice at Los Angeles Pierce College. He was also playing football as a starter tight end.

When he finished his studies, he decided to give football up and start his career as a personal trainer. He now runs a fitness club called ‘Asghari Fitness’ where he offers personalised training programs and customized meal plans to his members.

Fatima Asghari has been supportive of her son’s career and he is very close to her. She is a proud mom who loves her son.

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