Faith Gealey-Brown

Faith Gealey-Brown

Faith Gealey-brown is a speech therapist and mentor from the Cayman Islands. She has recently won the 2017/18 Young Caymanian Leadership Award. She was chosen from five finalists, and her ability to articulate her passion for mentorship won her over the honorary board.

Gealey made her TV debut in the Fox musical prime time drama series Empire in 2014. She appeared as Anika Calhoun alongside Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson. She also starred in Venus Flytrap: A Femme Noir Mystery and Rent in off-Broadway productions.

She is an actress

Grace Lillis Gealey Brown is an American actress who is best known for her role as Anika Calhoun on the Fox musical primetime drama Empire. She also performed Off-Broadway, including in Venus Flytrap. She has published a children’s book titled I am Enough in 2018. The book is based on her experiences as a child who was bullied for having deaf parents and is intended to empower young people.

She was born in Butler, Pennsylvania and was raised in the Cayman Islands from infancy. Her mother Cheryl McCoy-Gealey is deaf, and her father’s identity has not been disclosed. She has a sister named Faith Gealey-Brown and maternal grandparents Theoline McCoy and Bodden Towners Harry.

She earned a bachelor’s degree in theater arts from the University of South Florida in Tampa and later received her master’s degree from the University of California, Irvine. Her sexy body measures 34-26-35, and she looks stunning in a bikini. She is married to Trai Byers, who plays Andre Lyon in the popular Fox series Empire.

She is a singer

Faith Gealey-Brown is a speech therapist from the Cayman Islands. She has won the Young Caymanian Leadership Award and is also an advocate for the community. She was one of five finalists and was selected for her ability to communicate the importance of mentorship. Organizers of the award praised her for being an inspiration to others and called her a role model.

Faith is the sister of Grace Byers, who starred in the music industry drama Empire. She was born in Butler, Pennsylvania, but has lived in the Cayman Islands since childhood. Her parents are deaf and she grew up learning American sign language. She has a daughter named Faith and her maternal grandparents are Theoline McCoy and Bodden Towners Harry.

Faith is a well-known figure in the Cayman Islands and her community because of her capacity as a speech therapist. She is also an advocate and mentor and wants to encourage more people from the island to pursue allied health professions.

She is a model

Faith Gealey-Brown is the sister of American actress Grace Byers, who is best known for her role as Anika Calhoun in the music industry drama Empire. She is also a speech-language pathologist, an advocate, a mentor, and a community builder.

Gealey-Brown has a passion for promoting the Cayman Islands, and is known throughout the community as an inspiration to young people. She recently received the 2017-2018 YCLA award for her commitment to mentoring. During the ceremony, she addressed a room full of young people about the importance of volunteering and giving back to your community.

Gealey-Brown was born in Butler, Pennsylvania and has a dual citizenship in the United States and the Cayman Islands. She is of multiracial ethnicity and was raised by deaf parents. Her father was deaf since birth and her mother lost her hearing at the age of two due to complications from pneumonia. She mastered sign language at an early age and has a close bond with her sister, Faith.

She is a writer

Faith Gealey-Brown is a Caymanian-American actress who has written for television shows such as Empire and The Gifted. She is also a Speech-Language Pathologist, advocate, community builder, and mentor. She recently received the Young Caymanian Leadership Award, which focuses on encouraging mentorship.

Faith is a well-known figure in the Cayman Islands, not only for her capacity and proficiency as a speech therapist but also for her work to showcase Caymanian culture and heritage. She also works with the Cayman Islands Special Needs Foundation to raise awareness about disability issues.

She is the sister of Grace Byers, an American actress who rose to fame after portraying Anika Calhoun in the Fox music industry drama Empire. She is also a talented writer who has worked in a few theatre productions including Venus Flytrap, The Misanthrope, and Tartuffe. In 2018, she published her first children’s book. She also enjoys a luxurious lifestyle and is often seen on social media posts traveling around the world.

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