Ellen Heidingsfelder

Ellen Heidingsfelder

Ellen Heidingsfelder is an American lawyer. She is also the wife of Cooper Manning, a famous entrepreneur and media personality.

She is an intelligent girl who always wanted to become a successful lawyer. So, she worked hard to get her degree in law.

She grew up in a solid Catholic family. In fact, her father Charles Heidingsfelder and mother Dot Heidingsfelder are extremely supportive of her.

She is the wife of Cooper Manning

Ellen Heidingsfelder is the wife of Cooper Manning, a well-known television commentator and American football player. The pair got married in 1999, and they are living a happy life together.

The couple met in childhood and they started dating for a long time before getting married. During this time, they were devoted Catholics. In fact, they even accompanied each other to catholic masses on multiple occasions.

Heidingsfelder encouraged her husband to become a Catholic and attracted him to the religion. At first, he was not in favor of it, but when she introduced him to the church and the example of a catholic priest, Father David Boileau, he changed his mind and became a devout Catholic.

She is a beautiful and intelligent person who loves her family. She also studied hard to achieve success in her career and got a law degree.

As she is an attorney, she has a high net worth. Currently, her net worth is estimated to be $5 million.

Ellen and her husband are blessed with three children – May, Arch, and Heid. The children are extremely smart and active. Their daughter May plays volleyball and is a freshman at the University of Virginia, while their sons Archie and Heide play quarterback for Isidore Newman School.

She is a lawyer

Ellen Heidingsfelder is an exceptionally well-liked American attorney from New Orleans, Louisiana. She completed her education at the University of Virginia and Loyola University Law School to become a lawyer.

She gained increased public attention after she married Cooper Manning in 1999. They share three children together; two sons Arch and Heid and one daughter May.

A practicing Catholic, she came across as devoted to her faith and convinced her husband to join her religious beliefs. Though her net worth is not revealed publicly, she has accumulated a considerable sum of money through her career as a lawyer.

Her professional achievements have earned her a lot of fans and followers but she is still a private person and keeps her details a secret. She is not a fan of social media platforms and does not make frequent appearances on them.

She has been married to Cooper Manning since 1999 and has been enjoying a happy married life with her husband and their three children. Despite the fact that she is a highly successful lawyer, she focuses on leading a modest lifestyle. Her primary source of income is her legal profession but she also has side businesses to maintain a standard lifestyle. She has a decent net worth of 800k USD+.

She has a daughter

Ellen Heidingsfelder is a well-known attorney in the United States of America. She married Cooper Manning, a famous American football player and TV show commentator, in 1999.

The couple was in a long-term relationship before they tied the knot. They have two children; a son, Arch, and a daughter, Alyssa.

She is a devout Catholic and her partner was also raised in that religion. She encouraged her husband to follow their faith, and he later did so.

Despite their religious differences, they are still loving and caring partners who are happy to have three kids together. Their eldest daughter, May, was born in 2002, and their second child, Arch, in 2004. Their youngest son, Heid, was born in 2006.

Ellen has a beautiful and slim body with brown-coloured eyes and blonde hair. She enjoys exercising and maintaining her body shape. She is a very popular celebrity among the youth. Her net worth is estimated to be around $1-5 million. Her preliminary source of income is her career as a lawyer and her spouse’s wealth. She is very proud of her family and loves spending time with them.

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