Elizabeth Ann Weber

Elizabeth Ann Weber

Elizabeth Ann Weber is the first wife of six times Grammy award-winning singer, songwriter and pianist Billy Joel. She was a big inspiration for many of his classic songs such as She’s Got A Way and Just The Way You Are.

While their marriage lasted, she was considered controlling, manipulative, and rude by her close allies. She also found rock and roll life more attractive than her husband.

Married Life

Elizabeth Ann Weber is a musician who was married to Billy Joel. She was the first wife of Joel and she was also his manager.

The singer, who is famous as a pianist and songwriter, tied the knot with her in her 20s. She became his partner but soon things started to take a turn for the worse.

After a brief separation, they eventually got back together and they were married in 1973. They had a son together.

In her marriage life, she was not very successful but she tried her best to make it work. However, it did not go as planned and they divorced in 1976.

After the split, she led a private life. She was not socially active on any of the social media platforms and did not reveal much about her personal life. Currently, she is a manager by profession. She has green eyes and golden hair. She has a slim figure.


Elizabeth Ann Weber was the first wife of renowned American singer, songwriter, pianist and composer Billy Joel. She was also his manager and was his inspiration for some of his songs, including She’s Got a Way and Just the Way You Are.

She was a single mother during her marriage and had no kids of her own with Billy Joel. However, she did have a son with her ex-husband, Jon Small.

The two married in 1967 and they remained together until 1982 when they divorced. It was a difficult time for them.

During their marriage, Elizabeth and Billy went through a lot of ups and downs. They even tried to save their relationship, but it never worked out.

After their split, she moved on with another man. She has since remained away from the public eye and is currently living a quiet life.

Personal Life

Elizabeth Ann Weber is an American singer-songwriter, pianist, composer, and manager. She is best known as the wife of Billy Joel.

She is a well-known musician and singer, and her songs are considered timeless classics. However, her life was not as simple and happy as she thought it would be.

Songwriters often write about their personal lives in their songs, and many of them have used their own experiences as inspiration. This includes Billy Joel, who has penned famous songs like She’s Got a Way and Just The Way You Are.

Billy Joel married Elizabeth Ann Weber in 1973 and the couple had a very tumultuous nine-year relationship. Their marriage eventually broke down in 1982.


Born in New York, Elizabeth Ann Weber is a manager and a singer. She is best known as the wife of six-time Grammy winner, Billy Joel. She inspired him to compose many of his songs.

She was previously married to her former band mate and friend, Jon Small. They had a son together but soon got caught in their secret affair, which led to the breakup of the band and the end of their partnership.

After the affair, she disappeared for a while and later came back to Billy. The singer was deeply hurt by the whole affair and decided to move on with his life.

She managed Joel for a while but he eventually divorced her in 1982. She eventually found happiness with another man. Now, she is living a private life and prefers to stay away from the spotlight.

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