Dyan Struble

Dyan Struble

Dyan Struble is a popular American interior designer. She is also the ex-wife of former American baseball player, John Smoltz.

The former couple shared 16 years of marriage together and had 4 children. Their kids’ names are John Andrew Jr., Rachel Elizabeth, Carly Maria, and Kelly Christina.

John Smoltz’s Ex-Wife Dyan Struble

John Smoltz married Dyan Struble in 1990 and they enjoyed their marriage for 16 years. They were blessed with four lovely children; John Andrew Jr, Rachel Elizabeth, Carly Maria & Kelly Christina.

In spite of their divorce, the pair is still very close and are very active in charity. They have helped to raise millions of dollars for the King’s Ridge Christian School.

With the success of their family, they have been able to enjoy a comfortable life. They live in a large mansion in Alpharetta.

It is said that Smoltz is setting new standards in his family life. He is making every effort to build a pleasant family life with his new spouse Kathryn Darden.

John Smoltz has been a successful player in Major League Baseball and has achieved an outstanding record of 200 wins and 150 saves. Moreover, he is also an active sportscaster. He has a net worth of $55 million.


Marriage is a socially approved union and agreement between two individuals that legally, economically, emotionally and contractually unites their lives. It establishes a set of rights and obligations for the spouses, their children and their in-laws.

In many cultures, marriage is considered to be an important institution because it provides legal approval for sexual relations and procreation, as well as permanence in the relationship. It also serves as an important social unit, and it is regarded as having a central role in the preservation of morals and civilization.

However, it can be difficult to preserve the union if two people do not manage it properly. Preserving long-term connection requires a couple to jettison misguided beliefs and dysfunctional habits, and it may also require them to make an effort to change each other.

Dyan Struble was married to John Smoltz for sixteen years before their divorce in 2007. After their split, they both started living a low-key life away from the media. They were able to find love again, and they now have four kids together.


The ex-wife of Hall of Famer John Smoltz, Dyan Struble was a star in her own right. The couple was together for over sixteen years and despite the fact that their marriage ended in 2007, they haven’t lost touch. The former sports aces are proud parents to four children, all of whom have made their mark on the sporting world.

She is also an active charity donor, most notably for her foundation that supports Christian organizations. She has an impressive resume of awards and accolades to her credit. She was even named in the best-dressed lists of a few notable dignitaries, including President Obama and the Queen. Interestingly, she is an American of Italian heritage and has been a resident of Atlanta for most of her life. A true fan of all things baseball, she has attended as many Atlanta Braves games as she can remember. She is currently in the process of transitioning into a new career after her divorce.


Dyan Struble is a famous American celebrity. She is mainly famous for being the ex-wife of John Smoltz, a legendary former baseball player.

The former couple met in 1991, and they tied the knot that year. They had four children together, and their relationship lasted until 2007.

However, things started to change in 2007 when they filed for divorce. As a result, they started living a low-key life away from the media limelight.

After the divorce, she found love again and married Russ Caso back in March 2013. While the exact timeline of how they met remains a mystery, they are currently happily married. Their marriage has also brought the love of many people into their lives.

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