Dominic Fike Ethnicity

Dominic Fike Ethnicity

Dominic Fike is a young American musician and actor who has become a household name for his edgy songs. He has also starred in the HBO series Euphoria and Book Smart.

His mother was often in and out of jail when he was a kid, so he and his siblings had to take care of themselves. That was the beginning of his love for music and acting.


Dominic Fike is an American singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist who has made a name for himself in the music industry. He became famous after he uploaded numerous hit tracks to the website SoundCloud. He has since landed a multi-million-dollar contract with Columbia Records.

The 26-year-old musician is of African-American and Filipino descent. He was born in Naples, Florida, on December 30, 1995. His mother is from Haiti and his father is from the Philippines.

He grew up in a single-parent home, with his father often working late or not at all and his mother having frequent drug and substance abuse problems that caused her to be in and out of jail. This was a stressful situation for his family, especially his younger siblings.

Despite the struggles, he and his siblings were always happy and looked forward to their days at school. They also loved to play music, and they had a guitar by the time they were 10.

Fike began posting videos of himself and his music online when he was in high school. He had a passion for writing and making music, and he would often make songs in his bedroom.

His music style is a mix of indie and R&B, with his songs often touching on topics relating to growing up biracial. He has used his platform to speak out about issues relating to racial inequality and police brutality.

He has been featured on several albums and singles, including Halsey’s Manic and Brockhampton’s Manic Too. He released his debut album, What Could Possibly Go Wrong, in 2020.

The album topped charts in multiple countries, and its first single, “3 Nights,” received considerable attention. It reached the top ten of many music charts, and it was included in DJ Khaled’s playlist.

He has become a hugely popular artist in recent years, and is known for his distinctive music style and unique voice. He has a large fan base worldwide, and is expected to be an important part of the future of the music industry. Fans are eager to hear his next project, and he will surely continue to gain widespread popularity as a result.


Dominic Fike is a singer, rapper and actor. He is known for his emo-oriented music. He is signed to Columbia Records and his songs can be found on iTunes and SoundCloud.

His raps and lyrics often express anxiety, doubt and existentialist ennui. His music reflects the struggles of fame and Hollywood as well as the pressures of dating.

The aspiring rapper grew up in a difficult home with his parents and brothers, who had to care for each other when their parents were absent. His mother struggled with drug addiction and was often in jail.

Despite the challenges, Dominic Fike’s childhood was full of adventures and excitement. He learned to play guitar at the age of ten and began writing his own music in high school.

He started releasing demos on SoundCloud and eventually landed a record deal with Columbia Records. His first single, 3 Nights, topped the charts in Australia and Ireland.

In 2022, he starred in the second season of Euphoria as Elliot. He also released the song “Phone Numbers” in 2019.

Though he is famous today, his success did not come overnight. He faced numerous obstacles in his early career and had to overcome them to succeed.

One of the most notable obstacles was his race. His use of the N-word in his early raps caused a great deal of backlash from listeners. This prompted him to clarify that he was of African-American and Filipino descent.

The rapper was later featured on Halsey’s third album Manic and released a cover of Paul McCartney’s song “The Kiss of Venus”. In September 2020, Fike became a headliner for a concert series in Fortnite, and NME listed him as one of their essential new artists of the year.

Currently, Dominic Fike is single and focused on his career. He is also keeping his private life away from the media. He is not involved in any controversies and has never been accused of anything.

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