DKB Members

DKB Members

The K-Pop boy band DKB, which stands for Dark Brown Eyes, debuted in February 2020. It is the first new boy group to be launched by Brave Entertainment in almost a decade.

The nine-member boy band consists of E-Chan, D1, GK, Teo, Heechan, Lune, Junseo and Yuku. The band has an impressive repertoire and a promising future.


E-Chan is a member of the South Korean boy group DKB formed by Brave Entertainment. He made his debut on February 3, 2020 with the mini album Youth. He has also appeared in music videos for Ash’s Kung Fu and Heavy Vegetable’s Jackie Chan Is a Punk Rocker.

His nickname is ‘Idea Bank’ as he frequently throws ideas for choreography. He is close freinds with Girls 999 contestant Kubo Reina and went to the same dance school.


GK is a subject that develops students’ social, sensitive, reasoning, and analytical skills. It also helps students build their perspective of the world from a young age. Unfortunately, some people view it as a useless subject and focus on memorising facts from books.

To open an account, you must first verify your identity online. This requires a valid photo ID and a SCHUFA record. Afterwards, you must provide some personal details. You must also deposit at least 700EUR into your current account monthly to retain active customer status.


In his free time, Lune enjoys reading and watching films. He is also an avid traveler. He has been to many countries, including China and Japan.

He is a member of the boy group DKB, which debuted on February 3, 2020. He is under the agency Brave Entertainment. The group released individual film behind photos of E-Chan, D1, and Heechan on December 3. The group has also been active in the music industry. They have released several singles and mini albums.


Junseo is an artist and manager who appeared on a military survival program last year. He came in 9th on the program and later made his debut as a member of the K-pop boy band WEi.

His hobbies include taking pictures and surfing in his free time. He is also good friends with Yongha and Donghan from WEi.

On November 14th, WEi’s agency announced that Yo Han had tested positive for COVID-19. The rest of the members, as well as their staff, were placed under self-quarantine following health authority guidelines.


Yuku is a naturally colored beagle dog that loves to sing. His Jewel Eyes are made of blue euclases, and his Jewel Charm is hexagon-shaped. He also wears a blue bowtie around his neck.

The site claims to be “Message Boards 2.0”. It offers features such as user profiles, image galleries and blogs. Members can add friends and send private messages. A system called points (formerly kudos) is used to rank users.

On December 13 KST, it was announced that Yuku’s father passed away. He will be taking a break from group activities to spend time with his family.

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