Diana Kressley Billig

Diana Kressley Billig

Diana Kressley-Billig is an equestrian. She is a national champion who manages the family farm in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania.

She is the eldest of three children. Her siblings include Brian and Carson, who are two and eight years older than her, respectively.

Diana Kressley-Billig is an equestrian

Diana Kressley-Billig is an equestrian who runs a pony farm in Leigh County, Pennsylvania. She grew up in Pennsylvania and took an interest in horse riding from a young age.

She is a member of the United States World Cup Saddle Seat equitation team and won a world championship in 2009. The 61-year-old equestrian has 125 acres of her own pony farm in Lynn Township.

Born in 1961, she was the eldest child of pony farm owners in Lowhill Township, Leigh County. Her parents raised ponies and participated in equestrian events.

In addition to her horse riding career, she also shares glimpses of her life with her family on Instagram. She has 1.9K followers on the social media platform.

She married Dwight Billig on 10 October 1963 and has a daughter named Morgan. The horse rider has won several national competitions.

She is the sister of Carson Kressley

Diana Kressley-Billig is the sister of TV personality Carson Kressley. She is a nationally-ranked horse rider and has won several national championships.

Her family has a long history of raising ponies and owns Kressleys Pony Farm in Orefield, Pennsylvania. She is also a professional barrel racer.

She has an older brother, Brian Kressley, and a younger sister, Morgan Billig.

A popular equestrian, her Saddlebred and Friesian horses are world-class competitors. They are a regular at the Kentucky State Fair and Breyerfest.

In her spare time, she enjoys riding her horses and spending time with her family and friends. She is a very proud of her sister and niece.

Her mother, Diana, was a professional equestrian. Her horse, Gooitzen fan Teaksyl, has 15 world titles.

She is the daughter of Dwight Billig

Diana Kressley Billig is the daughter of Dwight Billig and a nationally ranked equestrian. She was born on 10 October 1997. She is an equestrian and horse racer.

The family legacy of horse racing was passed down through her great-grandmother, Pauline Kressley. She was a professional horse show competitor who owned Kressleys Pony Farm in Orefield.

Billig entered a national competition at the age of eight and has won several titles since then. She is also a professional barrel racer and is going strong in her career.

She is related to TV star Carson Kressley through her mother. Carson wished his niece on her birthday via Instagram on 10 October 2021.

Dwight Howard is the father of five kids, but he is not well known amongst his children. His eldest son Braylon is famous through his Instagram account and has a lot of followers. Moreover, he is very handsome and stylish. Despite all the drama that goes around his family, Dwight never neglects his children and expresses his love for them equally.

She is the niece of Brian Kressley

Diana Kressley Billig is an equestrian and the eldest of two sisters. She grew up in Leigh County, Pennsylvania, and took an interest in horse riding from a young age.

The 61-year-old runs a family farm in Leigh County with her brother Carson. They raise American Saddlebred horses for national competitions.

Diane was also an avid walker, golfer and boater. She had a great eye for decor which she incorporated into her career as an interior designer of homes.

She also spent a lot of time on her family genealogy, marvelling at the stories she found. She was a wonderful aunt to her nieces and nephews.

In 2016, she was featured on Celebrity Family Feud alongside her brother Carson and other members of the family. She also competed in the ASB Show Pleasure Driving Championship organized by Shenandoah Classic Horse Show.

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