Dharma Villareal

Dharma Villareal

Dharma Villareal is a Mexican editor and documentarian who has been married to Ana Leza since November 6, 2000. They are blessed with two daughters, Clara Maria and Sofia Macarena.

He is the son-in-law of actress Concha Leza Nunez (aka Maria de la Concepcion Leza Nunez). She is famous for her roles in Foul Play and Hospital Central.

Date of Birth

Dharma Villareal was born in Ojai, California. He is currently an editor and documentarian at Xerox company.

Dharma has been married to Ana Arana Leza since November 2000 and they have two daughters – Clara Maria and Sofia Macarena. They have a home in South Fallsburg, New York and have lived in Abu Dhabi, Los Angeles, Madrid and other parts of the world before they settled down in this area.

The date of birth of Dharma Villareal is a little difficult to pin down as there is no verified information available about his exact birth date. However, he is likely to have been born in the year 1970. In addition, he may have earned a bachelor’s or master’s degree from a prestigious university or college.

Net Worth

Dharma Villareal is a Mexican-American film director and editor who currently resides in Ojai, California. He earned his net worth through his moviemaking career.

He married actress Ana Leza in 2000 and they are blessed with two beautiful daughters. The couple met through a devotion to meditation.

Their marriage lasted more than twenty years. They are now parents of Clara Maria and Sofia Macarena.

The couple wedded on November 26, 2000, a little over four years after her divorce from Antonio Banderas. The bride’s new spouse is a resident of Ojai, California and works for the Xerox organization as an editor and documentarian. They have lived in Abu Dhabi, Los Angeles and Spain before settling in New York. Their frequent travels led them to discover Siddha Yoga Meditation, a mysterious Hindu association. They have become devoted followers of their beliefs.


Dharma Villareal is an editor and documentarian for Xerox Corporation. He is married to actress Ana Arana Leza and they tied the knot on November 26, 2000. Their wedding ceremony was held in Santa Barbara, California and they have two children, Clara Maria and Sofia Macarena.

Dharma Villareal is a Mexican native who was born on January 27, 1961 in Ojai, California. He has dark brown eyes and usually wears a short beard. He is a happily married man and has been with his wife Ana Arana Leza for more than four years now. He is a proud father and husband who loves to spend time with his family. He has a net worth of $1 million according to some sources. He is currently living with his wife and two daughters in Ojai, California.


Dharma Villareal is a famous editor and documentarian of Xerox company. He is also famous as the celebrity husband of Ana Leza, a Spanish actress.

Dharma married Ana Arana Leza on November 26, 2000, in Santa Barbara, California. The couple has two daughters – Clara Maria and Sofia Macarena.

According to a VF report, Dharma and Ana have been devoted followers of Siddha Yoga Meditation. They live in Ojai, California, where they have been able to practice their beliefs. Their marriage has been a happy one so far, and they enjoy spending time together. Their net worth is estimated at about $100,000. It is unclear what exactly Dharma earns from his professional engagements and involvements. However, it is likely that he has earned a good amount of money from his career.

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