Devale Ellis Net Worth

Devale Ellis Net Worth

Devale Ellis is a multi-talented actor and social media personality. His various career moves have helped him amass a relatively small fortune.

He is a former football player, YouTuber, brand influencer, and an actor. His success in all these areas has helped him build a net worth of $1 million to $5 million.

He is an actor

Devale Ellis is a famous actor and former football player. He is known for his work in films like Full Circle, Tough Love, etc.

He is a native of Brooklyn, New York. He was born on April 2, 1984, and has an American nationality.

His parents are Troy and Karen Ellis. He grew up in a middle-class family and developed an interest in entertainment at a young age.

During his high school, he played football and basketball. He was also a member of the Public School Athletic League (PSAL). In his senior year, he lit up the PSAL, and he earned the nickname “Show Time” Ellis.

He is married to Khadeen Ellis, a popular actress and TV host. They have four children together. Currently, they are living a bi-coastal life. They have a comedy-filled YouTube channel named The Ellises, where they show funny skits and family vlogs. They are a happy and successful family. Their social media and youtube channel have a huge following, which contributes to their net worth.

He is a former football player

Devale Ellis began his professional career as a football player. He played for the Detroit Lions in 2006. However, he left the NFL in 2010.

He attended James Madison High School and was nicknamed “Show Time.” He also played basketball for the school’s teams. He was in the top ten for catches made and touchdowns during his senior year.

A knee injury derailed his career, causing him to retire from the NFL. He later shifted his focus to acting.

His acting career started with Full Circle in 2013 and soon he was cast in other TV shows such as Vish Merrick, Makeup X Breakup, The Blacklist, Sistas, Stanhope, and It’s Bruno!

He is currently married to Khadeen Ellis. They have four kids. They have a YouTube channel where they post family vlogs and parodies. They also host a podcast, Dead Ass with Khadeen and Devale Ellis.

He is a YouTuber

Devale Ellis is a YouTuber who has an estimated net worth of $1 to $5 million.. He is a former American footballer and an actor who has a huge fan base on YouTube. He makes money through his YouTube videos, merchandise, movies, and tv shows.

He has a thriving YouTube channel, The Ellises, that he started with his wife Khadeen in October 2011. They upload funny skits and family vlogs on their channel that earn them an income through ads.

They also have a podcast called Dead Ass, which they created and hosted together since 2019. On the podcast, they discuss different topics with an emphasis on love, marriage, culture, and business.

They have a large audience on their platform, and they regularly upload videos and parodies to keep their followers entertained. In addition to monetizing their videos, they also make money from their podcast and merchandise. This helps them increase their net worth significantly.

He is a brand influencer

Devale Ellis is a brand influencer and a social media personality. He is a former football player who has worked in several different fields, and his success in each of them helped him amass a substantial net worth.

As a brand influencer, he uses YouTube to reel in sponsors and earn an income. He also does podcasts and is an all-around businessman.

He and his wife, Khadeen Ellis, run a YouTube channel called The Ellises. On this channel, they upload vlogs about their family life and discuss various topics, including marriage, parenting, and culture.

Their YouTube channel has a significant following and is one of the main sources of their income. In addition, they also have a podcast, Dead Ass with Khadeen and Devale Ellis, which they began hosting in 2019. The podcast is a popular one that talks about love, relationships, and marriage. The couple often interviews public figures. This is another source of income for them and their family, and it helps to boost their net worth.

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