Dalvin Cook Siblings

Dalvin Cook and the Cook Brothers

One of the most entertaining subplots in this Vikings-Bills matchup will be the rivalry between Vikings running back Dalvin Cook and his younger brother, James, a rookie for the Buffalo Bills.

Siblings in the NFL have created some of the league’s most memorable moments — from Peyton and Eli Manning to J.J., T.J. and Derek Watt, Travis and Jason Kelce, Stefon and Trevon Diggs, to name a few.

Dalvin Cook

Before Dalvin Cook joined the Minnesota Vikings in the 2017 NFL Draft, he had a successful college football career at Florida State University. He was a five-star recruit and became the leading rusher for the Seminoles before entering the NFL.

His younger brother James Cook is a running back for the Georgia Bulldogs and he also dreams of sharing the NFL stage with his brother one day. When he isn’t playing for his team, the younger Cook will be out training with his older sibling in Miami where they often workout together or on the track.

As he prepares to make his debut in the 2022 NFL Draft, James is leaning on his brother Dalvin for advice and support. The former Florida State and Minnesota star isn’t ready to claim that his brother is a better running back than him, but he will offer some helpful tips when the time comes for his younger sibling to compete for the starting job.

James Cook

It’s a lot of fun when brother-sibling teams go head-to-head on the football field. It’s also a chance for siblings to grow closer together as they face off against each other on a professional level.

There are a number of brother-brother pairs in the NFL, including Stefon and Trevon Diggs, Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce, Cameron and Connor Heyward, and J.J. and T.J. Watt, to name a few.

During their college years, James operated within a rotation at Georgia, while Dalvin was a full-time lead back at Florida State. However, both had productive careers with high yards per carry and a knack for running over defenders.

The younger Cook spent his final two seasons with the Bills, carrying the ball a total of 47 times for 293 yards and scoring twice. He has been a key component in Buffalo’s six-game winning streak. He also played a key role in last week’s victory over Miami, recording four catches for 37 yards and breaking up a pass for a 4-yard TD reception.

DeAndre Burnett

The Cook siblings are a tight family. They’ve got five children in total: Jamiya, Demarcus, Deandre Burnett, Daneisha, and James Cook Jr.

They were born in Miami and grew up in the same neighborhood with their parents, Varondria Burnett and James Cook. They are very close with each other and spend a lot of time together.

Both Dalvin and his older brother Deandre are very athletic and talented basketball players. They have played at Carol City Middle School and Miami Central Senior High School.

Deandre is a very good guard and has been on the Ole Miss Rebels team for the past two years. He has a good jump shot and is also an excellent free throw shooter.

He has a career shooting percentage of 83 percent from the free throw line. This is an excellent statistic and makes him a great player.

Jacquilla Morris

The Minnesota Vikings’ running back Dalvin Cook has a beautiful girlfriend, Jacquilla Morris. They are both high school sweethearts, and they are expecting their first child together.

Their relationship started when they met at Carol City Westview Middle School in Miami Gardens, Florida. Their connection grew stronger when they attended Miami Central Senior High School together.

They met again at college, and they have been in a happy and calm relationship since. In April 2017, they announced that they were expecting a baby together.

Interestingly, there are a few differences between the siblings. Cook’s elder brother Deandre is a basketball player who has played for the University of Mississippi. His younger brother, James, is a highly rated running back who has been courted by several top colleges. However, he eventually settled on the University of Georgia. Despite the differences, it’s still nice to see that athletics runs in the family. Hopefully, they all succeed in their careers.

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