Carolina Regina Cuomo

Carolina Regina Cuomo – Celebrity Kid

The youngest daughter of Chris Cuomo and Cristina Greeven Cuomo, Carolina Regina Cuomo is a celebrity kid. She was born on February 1, 2010 in the United States.

Her father, Chris, is an American television journalist and news anchor. He is best known as the presenter of Cuomo Prime Time.

Chris Cuomo

Christopher Cuomo is a prominent American journalist. He has worked as a news anchor for Good Morning America and CNN. He is a frequent critic of President Trump.

He has a strong background in journalism and is also known for his advocacy of free speech. He has been nominated for an Emmy award multiple times.

His achievements include revealing the true face of heroin in suburban America and exposing the growing number of homeless teens in the country. He is also a champion of purposeful long-form journalism.

Chris and his wife Cristina Greeven Cuomo have three children. Their daughter Carolina Regina Cuomo is 11 years old and her zodiac sign is Aquarius.

Her father is a famous television journalist and her mother is a magazine editor at Gotham.

The family lives in Manhattan, New York, USA. They have two dogs named Tennessee (yellow mutt) and Alabama (black mutt).

Bella Cuomo

Bella Cuomo is a social media star who rose to fame after her TikTok videos featuring her father landed her a large following. The 19-year-old girl has over 350k followers on her account and posts new videos almost every day.

She is the daughter of American news anchor Chris Cuomo and wellness expert Cristina Greeven. She also has two siblings, Carolina and Mario.

Her mother, Cristina, is a self-described “wellness worshiper,” and is the founder of the health and wellness platform PURIST. She is often seen posting hour-long yoga sessions on Instagram and has a passion for promoting human wellness in the world.

She shares a love for music with her parents and has always been encouraged to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. She is currently in college and aspires to be an actress someday. Her mother and daughter often collaborate in social projects that aim to improve the quality of life for people around the world.

Mario Cuomo

Mario Cuomo served three terms as Governor of New York, setting records for popularity and gaining a reputation as a progressive leader who believed in government’s ability to improve people’s lives. As Governor he lowered income taxes and made large investments in public education, infrastructure, transportation and public safety.

His strong progressive record was a major rallying point for liberals throughout the nation, and his keynote speech at the 1984 Democratic National Convention electrified many Americans. He was a favorite to run for president in 1988 and 1992, but declined both times.

Born and raised in South Jamaica, Queens, Cuomo’s father emigrated from Salerno, Italy, when he was a young man. He owned a small grocery store, and his mother worked long hours to support the family.

In 1953, Cuomo graduated summa cum laude from St. John’s University, where he was awarded the law degree. He clerked for Judge Adrian P. Burke of the New York State Court of Appeals, and entered private practice in 1958.


Carolina Regina Cuomo is the youngest daughter of American television journalist Chris Cuomo and his wife, Cristina Greeven Cuomo. Like her father, she has an array of impressive achievements under her belt.

Her father Chris Cuomo is a news analyst and TV moderator who is best known for his work on CNN. He has accumulated a net worth of $12 million from his career as a journalist.

She has Brazilian and German ancestry from her father’s side, while she has American ancestry from her mother’s side. She married her husband Chris on 24th November 2001.

Her mother, Christina Greeven, is a popular magazine editor and owner. She was born on 12th January 1970 in New York, the United States, to Rainer Greeven, an attorney, and his wife, Regina.

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