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Brad Aldrich Wife – A Closer Look

Brad Aldrich is an ice hockey coach who has worked for the Chicago Blackhawks. He has also served at Notre Dame and Miami University. He was accused of sexually assaulting a high school hockey player.

His wife has fashioned herself into a documentarian of Yankee traditions and she does it admirably. It is therefore difficult to imagine why the provenance of her pedigree and that of her husband should trump their desire to keep their family life private.

Family Background

Brad Aldrich comes from a well-known family that has been involved in hockey for years. He is a talented sportsman and an excellent coach. He has been a part of various teams including the Chicago Black Hawks and Miami University. He also worked as a video coordinator for Notre Dame. In his current role, he helps students at the Compton Family Ice Arena.

Brad was born on January 10 in Michigan, United States and is a Christian. He follows the Capricorn sign and is a successful businessman. He lives a lavish life and earns a lot of money from his profession.

He has a good sense of humor and loves to spend time with his friends. He also coaches at local hockey teams. He also offers online coaching for men who want to improve their marriages and find freedom from unwanted sexual behaviors.

Earlier this year, Brad was accused of sexual misconduct in high school hockey. According to a lawsuit filed by John Doe, Aldrich sent the player sexually explicit text messages and masturbated in front of him. John Doe’s lawyer, Paul Cortese, says his firm is preparing to file lawsuits against the Blackhawks and Aldrich.

The former coach left the Blackhawks in 2010 after allegations of sexual harassment. Afterward, he became a volunteer coach at Houghton High School in Michigan. Eventually, he pleaded guilty to criminal s*xual conduct with a student and served prison time. He has since largely stayed out of the public eye and has not returned to the hockey world.


Despite s*xual assault allegations, Brad Aldrich has maintained a low profile and has kept his personal life a secret. The former hockey coach has also remained silent on his family and education. He is believed to be a married man, although details about his spouse are not available as of now.

He worked as the video coach for the Chicago Blackhawks and was a part of their Stanley Cup win in 2010. However, he left the team to work and volunteer with USA Hockey, the University of Notre Dame, and Miami University (OH) in 2012.

John Doe 3, the person at the center of the sexual assault allegations against Aldrich, has sued the Blackhawks for not reporting the allegations when they first emerged. Doe 3 alleges that he was sexually assaulted by Aldrich in 2011. He says the NHL team helped him secure a job at Miami University after he left the Blackhawks in 2012.

While the former video coach has kept his family and educational background a secret, it is known that he is a married man. He has not spoken much about his wife or children, and is reportedly living in a private location. He is also not active on social media platforms. He was born on 10 January 1983 and is an American by nationality. He follows Christianity as his religion and has Capricorn as his zodiac sign.


Brad Aldrich is a professional ice hockey coach. He works with players at the amateur and professional levels. He is best known for his work with the Chicago Blackhawks of the National Hockey League (NHL). He has been a video coordinator for the team since 2008.

Aldrich was born in Michigan and is an American. He graduated from Northern Michigan University. He is known to be a fan of the sport, volunteering for numerous teams and organizations. He is also a great coach and has helped many players achieve their goals.

He has coached youth travel hockey teams and has also been a volunteer assistant coach at Houghton High School. He has been involved in the hockey community for a long time and has earned a reputation for his dedication to his players.

Recently, he has been accused of s*xual misconduct with a former Blackhawks player. He allegedly sent inappropriate messages to the player, who is identified as John Doe. John Doe has now filed a lawsuit against Aldrich.

In May 2021, John Doe alleged that Aldrich had sexually harassed him and threatened him. The Blackhawks denied the allegations and stated that they had no knowledge of them. Aldrich has since resigned from his position with the Blackhawks. He has remained out of the public eye since then and it is not clear what he does for a living now.

Personal Life

Brad Aldrich is an American ice hockey player who has been in the sports field since he was very young. He played ice hockey for the national team and later became a coach. He has achieved a lot in his professional career and has made a name for himself as one of the best coaches in the world. He is 39 years old and resides in Michigan with his wife and children.

He has worked as the video coach of the Chicago Blackhawks ice hockey team for several years. He has also worked or volunteered for a number of other teams, including the University of Notre Dame and Miami University. In 2021, a man known as John Doe accused Aldrich of sexually assaulting him during a summer hockey camp at Miami University in Ohio. Barnes & Thornburg, the law firm hired to investigate the allegations, reported that John Doe’s claims were credible.

Aldrich has not been able to return to his role with the Blackhawks after the incident, but he continues to coach youth travel hockey teams in Michigan. He also runs his own website dedicated to helping players improve their game. In his free time, he enjoys playing ice hockey and spending time with his family. He is an active participant in church activities and is a Christian by religion.

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