Bodhi Thomas Paris Parker

Bodhi Thomas Paris Parker

Tom Parker, the singer from The Wanted, has been sharing adorable photos of his newborn son Bodhi Thomas Paris Parker. The family welcomed the tot into the world in October, just weeks after his father told the world that he was diagnosed with stage four glioblastoma brain cancer.

His wife Kelsey Hardwick shared an emotional tribute to her late husband on Wednesday, revealing that Bodhi “looks so much like his dad”.

Tom Parker

Tom Parker is an English musician who rose to fame as a member of the group The Wanted. He has sold more than 12 million records worldwide and won a number of awards for his work as a singer.

His son, Bodhi Thomas Paris Parker, was born in 2020 during a difficult time for Tom, who had been diagnosed with stage 4 glioblastoma. He is currently undergoing chemotherapy and radiation to shrink the tumor.

In the meantime, Tom’s wife Kelsey was induced and delivered their son in just half an hour. He is now a happy and healthy baby boy.

The couple married in July 2018. Since then, they have welcomed two children into the world – Tom’s daughter, Aurelia, and their son, Bodhi.

As a musician, Parker is known for his songs “Loose My Mind” and “Glad You Came.” He is also an accomplished guitarist and drummer. He has released five albums and three singles in his career.

Aside from performing, Parker is also a published author. He has written numerous books and poems. He has also published many articles and columns on music and politics.

He has a huge fan base and has received several awards from various institutions. He has also been featured on a number of television shows and in newspapers.

When he was a teenager, Parker joined the band The Wanted as a member of the group. He and his bandmates were chosen through a mass audition.

They were signed to Geffen Records in 2010 and released their first album that same year. They have also released a number of other hits and have sold more than 10 million records.

After the release of their first album, The Wanted gained recognition in the UK. They were awarded the Best British Group at the 2012 Brit Awards and their second album, Battleground, peaked at number nine on the UK charts.

Kelsey Hardwick

Kelsey Hardwick is a British actress, model and social media star. She is best known for her appearance as a Hogwarts student in the third Harry Potter film, Prisoner of Azkaban. She is also a vlogger and designer. She is married to the former The Wanted singer Tom Parker and they have two children together.

Kelsey and Tom were reportedly dating for around six years before getting engaged in March 2016. After two years of engagement, they tied the knot on 14 July 2018. The couple lives a lavish life together and are blessed with their daughter Aurelia Rose Parker and son Bodhi Thomas Paris Parker.

She also has a YouTube channel called “Meet the Parkers”. She is a proud mum and a dog lover. She shares several cute pictures of her kids on her social media accounts.

The wife of bodhi thomas paris parker is very close to her family members and spends most of her time with them. She loves to cook delicious food and drink hot coffee.

Her husband sadly died due to grade 4 glioblastoma on the 30th of March 2022. He is survived by his wife, two kids and other family members.

Despite the fact that her husband Tom Parker died from a brain tumor, his wife Kelsey has managed to maintain a positive attitude towards her life. She has also found happiness in her new romance with the electrician Sean Boggans.

In the past, she has been a TV personality and was famous for appearing on a number of shows. She has also starred in a number of films.

She has appeared in the tv series “He Who Dares: Downing Street Siege”, “The Interceptor” and “Legacy”. Her appearance in the tv shows helped her become a renowned actress.

The British actress and vlogger was born on March 7, 1990 in England, United Kingdom. She grew up with her two brothers. She started her career as an actress at a very early age. She subsequently joined the Italia Conti school and completed her high school graduation in performing arts.

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