Bob Stoops Wife

Bob Stoops Wife

Having a wife can be a big help in coping with a life crisis. Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops’ wife, Carol, is a great source of support and guidance.

She has three kids with her husband, Mackenzie, Drake and Isaac. She also works for Mary Kay Inc as a national sales director.

Carol Stoops’s Net Worth

Carol Stoops is a National Sales Director for Mary Kay Inc. She and Bob Stoops have been married since 1988. They have three named children together. One of the kids, Drake, is a wide receiver for the Oklahoma Sooners while the other two, Mackenzie and Isaac, are still in high school.

The couple enjoys their lives and are content with them. Carol has worked hard to earn her money and is happy with what she has achieved so far.

She earned a lot of money during her career and was able to buy several pink Cadillacs. She also has a home that is worth $1.7 million.

In addition to her work for Mary Kay, she is a mother of three kids. She is a responsible wife and a loving woman who loves her family.

Stoops was a head coach for the University of Oklahoma from 1999 to 2016. He won a national championship during the 2000 season and led his team to 18 consecutive bowl appearances. He also made a lot of money during his time at Oklahoma. He is one of the four coaches in the country to make more than $5 million annually.


Carol Stoops is a wife of the former head football coach Bob Stoops. They have three children together and live in Oklahoma City.

As a wife, Carol has been through plenty of challenges during her marriage. She has done everything from running errands to coordinating schedules with her husband.

She has also helped her husband adjust to his new life. For example, she helped him prepare for his twin sons’ move to their OU dorms and she even went with them to check out the college campus.

After his retirement, Bob started working as the special assistant to the OU athletic director. He also joined the Dallas Renegades in the XFL, where he was briefly head coach before the league’s closure due to COVID-19 outbreak-related bankruptcy.


When he’s not leading the Sooners, Bob Stoops spends a lot of time with his wife Carol and their three children. He also visits patients at the OU Children’s Hospital and participates in Special Spectators, which brings seriously ill children to OU football games.

He and Carol have three children: twins Isaac and Drake and daughter Mackenzie. They have a net worth of $18 million.

The Stoopses are not the only Youngstown-born coaches to have risen through the ranks of college football. The Stoop family includes brothers Mike and Mark, who have also coached at Power Five programs.

They all grew up in a small town in northern Ohio that has lost its population to urban sprawl. Their father, a longtime head baseball coach and football defensive coordinator at Cardinal Mooney High School, rarely raised his voice.

As Bob’s sons matured, they became competitive, but not necessarily in a healthy way. They played together, threw toy bowling pins at each other and even tried their hand at dart guns.


Bob Stoops and his wife, Carol Stoops, have been married for more than 30 years. The couple is proud parents of three children, Mackenzie and twin sons Isaac and Drake.

A few weeks after Bob Stoops made the decision to retire from coaching, he and his wife began to navigate a new reality. It was a challenge for both of them, but the more time they had to adjust, the easier it was.

As a wife, Carol was the one who helped her husband navigate this transition from coaching to retirement. She handled errands, coordinated schedules and kept everything running smoothly.

She even went as far as hiring a cleaning service to help her take care of the home. It was important to her to be able to spend time with her family and to teach them the importance of work ethic.

As an elite executive senior director for Mary Kay Cosmetics, she has a very lucrative career. She also enjoys the benefits of working from home.

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