Betsy Youngblood

Betsy Youngblood

Betsy Youngblood is the wife of famous American football caster Lee Corso. They have been married for 66 years and are still going strong.

They have a daughter, Diane Corso Barry, and ten grandchildren. Four of those are her children.

Lee Corso’s Wife

The famous sports broadcaster and football analyst Lee Corso is married to betsy youngblood. They have been together since 1953 and have a great relationship.

Betsy is a loving wife and mother who supports her husband’s career. She has a good knowledge of football and enjoys watching games with her husband.

They have four children and are the proud grandparents of 14 grandchildren. Three of these grandkids are Diane’s triplets – Sam Barry, Max Barry, and Luke Barry.

Her husband, Lee Corso, is an American football coach who has a net worth of $12 million. He has been working for ESPN since 1987.

Corso has been part of College GameDay since the show’s inception. He is one of the most devoted and popular broadcasters on the show. His popularity has grown in recent years because of his accurate predictions. He has also won numerous awards for his achievements. He has a unique personality that attracts many fans to watch his show.

Net Worth

Betsy youngblood is the wife of the famed sports broadcaster, Lee Corso. She married her husband on December 8, 1956, and the couple have been together for more than six decades.

She is a highly intelligent woman and has a very high-level of education. She has attended the University of Miami and Florida State University.

The lady of the night is also known for her charitable contributions to organizations such as the Orlando chapter of the Young Life organization. She is also a skilled public speaker, sought after by corporate and sporting groups for her ability to get the crowd excited about something that is otherwise dull.

Her net worth, as of 2019, is estimated to be in the neighborhood of $8 million. She also has a few assets in the way of jewelry and a fine art collection to boot. She may not be as well-known a figure as her husband but she is definitely among the movers and shakers in her field.


Betsy Youngblood and her husband Lee Corso have been married for more than six decades, making them one of the longest-lasting couples in Hollywood. They are also the proud parents of 4 kids, two of which are well known to the public. As a result, she is a popular subject of gossip blogs and tabloids alike. However, her family is largely unknown to the average joe, and she hasn’t revealed much about her personal life. She has a secretive streak, and she would prefer to keep her kids off the news. She has no twitter or Instagram account, but she does have a Facebook page for her blog.


The age of betsy youngblood is unknown, as she prefers to stay low-profile. However, she is estimated to be around 80 years old. She is the wife of sports broadcaster Lee Corso, and they have been married for more than six decades since 1953. They have four children and 10 grandchildren together.

Betsy and her husband are very close, and have always been a good example for their children. They have remained true to each other despite the ups and downs that came their way. They have never lost their love for each other, and they always work together to achieve their goals.

Betsy Youngblood is a wife of sports broadcaster Lee Corso. They tied the knot on December 8, 1956, and have been married for more than six decades. She has stayed relatively quiet about her personal life, as well as her kids and family. She also prefers to keep her social media profiles off the public radar.

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