Ajay Covell Jones

Ajay Covell Jones

Ajay Covell Jones is the son of AJ Styles, an American professional wrestler. He has a strong bond with his father and is proud of his accomplishments. He competes in New Japanese Pro*Wrestling and Ring of Honor.

He is the eldest child of AJ and Wendy Jones. His mother is a teacher and earns around $58950 every year.

He is the eldest child of AJ Styles

Ajay Covell Jones is the eldest child of AJ Styles, an American professional wrestler. His middle name is derived from the last name of his father’s friend, Daniel Covell. He has two younger siblings, Anney Jones and Albey Jones. Ajay is a very talented athlete and has made his way through the local wrestling scene. He has also competed on the international stage, winning the TNA X-Division title twice and NWA world heavyweight championship thrice.

AJ Styles is married to Wendy Jones, a high school teacher by profession. They first met in high school and fell in love with each other. They began dating on February 14, 1996, and eventually tied the knot in early 2000.

AJ Styles has three children with his wife, Wendy Jones. Their eldest son is Ajay Covell Jones, born on February 14, 2007. His second older brother is Albey Jones, who was born in September 15, 2009. Their youngest daughter is Anney Jones, who was born on October 8, 2014. AJ Styles and his family are avid gamers and have a gaming set-up at their home.

He is married to Wendy Jones

Wendy Jones, who is also known by her ring name, Wendy Etris, is an American teacher. She lives with her husband, AJ Styles, in Gainesville, Georgia. The two met in high school and married four years later. They have four children, including three sons and a daughter.

Ajay Covell Jones was born on May 3, 2005, in the United States. He is the first child of AJ Styles and his wife, Wendy Jones. He has three siblings, Anney Jones, Albey Jones, and Avery Jones. His middle name is taken from the last name of his father’s best friend, Daniel Covell.

Ajay is a student and is currently focusing on his education. He has a good relationship with his father and is pursuing his dream of becoming a wrestler. He has also done well in the competitions that he has participated in. Moreover, he is passionate about playing various games. He and his mother support his passions.

He is a professional wrestler

AJ Styles made his debut in the professional wrestling world in 1998 and competed for several independent promotions. He eventually signed an eleven-year deal with TNA and progressed in his career, winning many titles. He is currently employed by the WWE company and appears on Smackdown Live. He is a multi-time WWE Champion. He is also a celebrity in the wrestling community.

Ajay Covell Jones is the first child of AJ Styles and his wife Wendy. He has 3 siblings named Anney, Albey and Avery. AJ has a strong bond with his children and often watches their competitions.

AJ’s net worth is $6 million and he earns around $1 million annually as his basic salary from WWE. He also makes revenue from merchandise and PPV appearances. His mother, Wendy is a teacher by profession and she earns about $58950 each year. They both live in a ramshackle bungalow in Gainesville, Georgia. Their home has a lot of antiques and vintage items.

He is a student

AJ Styles’s net worth is estimated at $6 million. He has accumulated this amount over the years due to his wrestling gigs and contracts. His wife, Wendy Jones, is a school teacher and supports her husband in his career. They live in Gainesville, Georgia.

The couple has four children, including Ajay Covell Jones. Ajay is the eldest child of the family and currently attends high school. He is a student and seems to be focused on his education right now.

AJ Styles has posted videos on Twitter of Ajay playing football, and he is proud of his son’s skills. The wrestler has also expressed his love for his family by tattooing the initials and birthdates of his children on his body. Ajay Covell Jones is a good student and seems to be very close to his father. He is very happy in his family and lives a comfortable life. He does not have to work hard to earn his money as he comes from a rich family.

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