Ahmad Rashad Spouse

Ahmad Rashad Spouse

Ahmad Rashad is a popular American sportscaster. He has been married and divorced four times.

He got married for the first time in 1969 with Deidre Waters. They have two children.

He later married Matilda Johnson in 1976. They had a son and a daughter.

1. Deidre Waters

Deidre Waters was married to Ahmad Rashad in 1969. They had one daughter, Keva, who was born in 1970.

She later divorced her husband.

Her next marriage was to Matilda Johnson, where she had two children; Maiyisha and Ahmad Jr. They also got divorced.

The actress and model was married to Sale Johnson in 2007 and has three stepchildren, Jamie, Daisy and Casey from her first husband, Robert Earl Moore.

It’s a shame that she had to go through all of this trouble.

She tried to build a life with three different husbands, but all of them could not last long enough.

In 2016, she married another beautiful woman, Ana Luz Rodriguez-Paz. This lovely couple often posts on social media pages about their love for each other. Their relationship is going a lot better than the other attempts they had made in the past.

2. Matilda Johnson

If you’re wondering who Matilda Johnson is, she is the wife of ahmad rashad. She was married to ahmad rashad in 1976 and she had children with him before she divorced him.

As an ahmad rashad spouse, she had an interesting history. She was born in London, England and she was a painter.

She had an amazing career and she had a lot of success. She was also a good mother to her children.

Her daughter was named Condola rashad and she is still alive today.

Another thing that she was famous for was her husband. She had three kids with him and she was a great mother to them.

Besides that, she had a great relationship with her husband and they were together for a long time. She is very loving and she has a wonderful personality. She was also very good in her job as an ahmad rashad wife.

3. Sale Johnson

In 2007, Ahmad Rashad wed Sale Johnson, the ex-wife of Woody Johnson, the owner of the New York Jets. The couple is now living happily together in Palm Beach County.

She is a psychologist who has offices in Boca Raton and Miami. She is the perfect soul mate for Rashad.

Besides being an ahmad rashad spouse, she is also a mother of three stepdaughters. She had a daughter with her first husband, Phylicia Ayers-Allen, whom they named Condola Phylea Rashad.

The two divorced in 2001. Despite this, they shared their love for each other for a long time.

In 2016, Ahmad Rashad married his third wife, Ana Luz Rodriguez-Paz. The former NFL player and sportscaster is currently a TV anchor at NBC Sports. He has a net worth of $8 million and is one of the highest-paid former athletes in the sports media. He has hosted “NBA Inside Stuff” for 16 seasons. He has also been a panelist on “Morning Drive” for a year.

4. Ana Luz Rodriguez-Paz

The ahmad rashad spouse Ana Luz Rodriguez-Paz is a psychologist from Florida. She often puts up a very good picture of herself on social media.

Her net worth is estimated to be $8 million in 2020. She has a daughter named Keva who is born in 1970.

Earlier, Ahmad Rashad had been married to actress Deidre Waters and Matilda Johnson. He also had a daughter with actress Phylicia Ayers-Allen.

Now, it seems that he has been dating a relationship therapist named Ana Luz Rodriguez-Paz for a while. The couple has been together for about 6.3 years so far.

The former pro-footballer has had 4 previous marriages and has been divorced four times. However, he has managed to get back into the game of love with his fifth wife. This time, it looks like he’s sticking to it.

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