Traci Wald Donat

Herbalist and TV Director Traci Wald Donat

Traci Wald Donat is the daughter of famed singer, actress and feminist Helen Reddy. She is a TV director and herbalist who also runs her own business, Simpletonic.

She is married to Lucas Donat who is an advertising executive, and Chief Brand Officer of TrueCar. They have been together since 20 July 1984.

Helen Reddy

Helen Reddy is an Australian-born singer, actress, and feminist. She is most famous for her hit song “I Am Woman.”

Born into a show business family, Reddy grew up on the vaudeville circuit and made her first appearances at age four. She later enrolled in school, and at 15 joined a touring theatrical company.

In 1966, she won a talent contest and traveled to New York City for an audition with Mercury Records. After a number of rejections, she moved to Chicago and eventually Los Angeles.

While her career was slow to pick up, she eventually landed a record deal with Capitol Records in 1970 and began to have success throughout the United States and the world. Her hit song “I Am Woman” became an anthem of the women’s movement.

Helen Reddy was married three times and had two children, Traci Donat and Jordan Sommers. Her first marriage to Kenneth Claude Weate ended in 1966, but she moved on with her second husband, Jeff Wald, who she married in 1966 and divorced seventeen years later.


Helen Reddy has been married to three different men in her life. She has also been divorced twice, but she didn’t let that stop her from pursuing love.

In 1961, she walked down the aisle with Kenneth Weate. However, they got divorced just a few years after the birth of their daughter Traci.

Afterwards, she started dating Milton Ruth who was the drummer in her band. He was also a father figure to her children Traci Wald Donat and Jordan Sommers.

Her marriage to Milton was short-lived, however, and he eventually left the relationship in 1985. This was because of his drug addiction, and it ended their union.

The 59-year-old television director is currently married to Lucas Donat who is an advertising executive and innovator. The pair have been together since 1984 and they have two children together.


The renowned herbalist and television director, Traci Wald Donat was born on January 19, 1963. Her parents Helen Reddy and Kenneth Weate divorced shortly after her birth.

She was raised by her mother and is currently a successful TV director and herbalist. In her spare time, she also runs her own company called Simples which specializes in herbal products.

Despite her late mother’s fame, she has always been a low key person and prefers to avoid the spotlight.

According to IMDb, she got married to Lucas Donat on 20 July 1984 and they have been together ever since.

Her husband is an advertising executive and innovator. He is the Chief Brand Officer of TrueCar and also co-founded Donat/Wald Advertising with her.

She has a daughter, Lily Donat with her husband. It is unknown if they have more children. However, they have a good relationship and are happily married. They have a beautiful home and live in Los Angeles.

Net Worth

The famed television director Traci Wald Donat has a substantial net worth. Her salary mainly comes from her role as a television director and her business ventures.

She has also worked on several TV shows such as The Middle and Law & Order. She has an estimated net worth of over a million dollars.

Her husband is Lucas Donat, an advertising executive and chief brand officer. The couple got married on July 20, 1984.

Their daughter Lily Donat was born to them in 2021.

She is currently a married woman and prefers to keep things under the carpet. She is also known for being a feminist and she is dedicated to helping women in need.

Her mother Helen Reddy was a famous singer and actress. She was also a feminist who was recognized for her songs such as “I Am Woman” and “I Don’t Know How to Love Him.”

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