Susan Acevedo

Susan Acevedo – The First Wife of Neil Young

Susan Acevedo is a former hostess at Topanga Canyon Kitchen. She met her ex-husband, Neil Young, while working there.

The two married in 1968 and divorced in 1970. Since then, she has kept a low profile and never gets into the limelight.

What is Susan Acevedo’s Nationality?

Susan Acevedo is an American by way of Sicily. She is no stranger to the spotlight, having served as a hostess at the Topanga Canyon kitchen, the venue of choice for many a celebrity including Neil Young. Her enviable credentials are further enhanced by her penchant for the most fashionable threads in the fashion world.

She also carries the hefty weight of being one of Canadian music superstar Neil Young’s oldest and longest standing wives. She and her late husband sported the distinction of being one of the most expensively divorced couples in all of music history, with each paying out over a million dollars in child support in the years following their split. Despite their financial forays into the entertainment industry, they are currently focusing their efforts on raising their daughter in a quieter, more laid back environment.

How long did she work at Topanga Canyon Kitchen?

Susan Acevedo worked at Topanga Canyon Kitchen for quite a long time and it was here that she met her husband Neil Young. The pair eventually got married in 1968.

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How long did she date Neil Young?

The exact time she dated Neil Young is not known, but it is believed that she started dating him in the late sixties. The couple tied the knot in 1968 and it was an extravagant affair attended by many people.

Susan met Neil Young at a restaurant called Canyon Kitchen, where she worked as a waitress. Every time she served him breakfast, he used to look at her and eventually started a relationship with her.

She was married to Neil Young in 1978 and had two kids with him, Ben and Amber. However, things went sour and she filed for divorce in 2014.

What is Susan Acevedo’s relationship with Neil Young?

Susan Acevedo was a former Sicilian hostess who became a wife to Canadian music superstar Neil Young. The pair were married on December 1, 1968, but their marriage lasted barely a few years before it ended.

According to Young, he first met her at Topanga Canyon Kitchen. She served him breakfast every day, and he started a romantic relationship with her.

She also helped him meet great artists at Topanga Canyon Kitchen. She introduced him to artists such as George Herms, Roland Diehl, and Wallace Berman. She was a good influence on his music career.

What is Susan Acevedo’s marriage to Neil Young like?

Susan Acevedo was the first wife of Canadian music superstar Neil Young. She was married to him from 1968 until 1970 and they were officially divorced in 1970.

The relationship between Neil and Susan was a happy one. They dated for about six months before they tied the knot on December 1968.

Their wedding was lavish and was attended by friends and family. However, their marriage didn’t last long as they both got busy with their music careers.

Neil Young remembers his first wife, Susan Acevedo fondly. She was a great companion and helped him a lot in his music career.

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