Randall Cobb Wife

Randall Cobb and His Wife Aiyda Ghahramani

American football player Randall Cobb got married to his longtime love, Aiyda Ghahramani in 2017. They are a couple who have been together for eleven years.

They met each other at an EA sports event held at Laho in 2011. They dated for three years before getting engaged.

Aiyda Ghahramani’s Net Worth

The first and last time we visited the Las Vegas hotel and casino for the night we managed to tally up a lucky ladies sized swag bag. Not to be stoopeted by the lack of sleep. Aiyda was our lucky ace and she had a good ol time. The best of the booze was delivered in a timely fashion and in style, as opposed to in a bin. The most memorable adolescent was able to snag a ring worthy of her and her well groomed husband. Aiyda has been a fangirl for most of her life and she has her name on her lips since she was an eel in the pond. She was an edophile and has a very active social calendar.

Aiyda Ghahramani’s Personal Life

Aiyda Ghahramani is a model and actress who has worked in several television shows. She has also been featured in some popular music videos.

She was born on May 12, 1989, in Mumbai, India. She has a perfect figure and is a very attractive person.

As a young girl, she used to enjoy playing soccer and other sports, as well as reading books. She later decided to make a career out of acting and became very famous in her field.

After graduating from high school, she attended Indiana University Bloomington. She originally studied biology but later switched to journalism. She also interned at WICS-TV, as well as WTHR-TV and GEO-TV in Pakistan.

Her net worth is estimated to be around $100k US dollars in 2021. She has a husband and two children. She lives an opulent lifestyle with her family and earns a lot of money from her profession.

Aiyda Ghahramani’s Career

Before she started her career in acting, Aiyda Ghahramani was a model. She modeled for several different brands and was able to get a taste of the industry, and that helped her decide that she wanted to pursue acting.

Aiyda has a great social media presence and has more than 4.8 million followers on Twitter and 3.4 million on Indztagram. She also has a YouTube channel where she posts vlogs and beauty tips.

She is a Muslim actress who has gained a lot of fame in the social media world. Her most popular video has received millions of views and has even earned her a death threat.

She has a large following on social media and is known for her amazing vlogs and re-created videos. She has more than 800k followers on Instagram and 200k subscribers on YouTube.

Aiyda Ghahramani’s Social Media

Aiyda Ghahramani is a human rights activist who has her own social media account. She posts pictures of her family, vacations, and friends, which attract a huge number of followers on Instagram.

Aiyda is married to NFL star Randall Cobb and they have two children, Caspian Cyrus Cobb and Cade Rumi Cobb. She and her husband are always busy doing things for their kids and have made a lot of time for them.

Before Aiyda became a wife, she was a track athlete. She studied biology at Rutgers College in New Jersey from 2007 to 2011.

After graduation, she went on to pursue a law degree at the New Hampshire School of Law. She earned her Doctor of Jurisprudence certificate in 2014. Besides being an attorney, Aiyda is also a well-respected human rights activist. She is also a professional mother and works hard to give her kids the best possible life.

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