Ngozi Ebichi

Personal Life of Ngozi Ebichi

Ngozi Ebichi has huge interests and knowledge with a vigorous and inviting social media presence to coordinate. Her movies are diverse and intriguing, and she regularly endeavors new perspectives or content and collaborates with various web-based entertainment personalities.

She is married to Sam Acho, an NFL linebacker who plays for the Arizona Cardinals and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. She also participates in charitable work with her husband through Living Hope Ministries.

Biographical Information

Ngozi Ebichi is a renowned novelist and comic writer. She started her career as a comic writer in the early 2000s and has become famous for her illustrations and stories in the popular comic books Chirp Book and Stick and Scones. She has also received the NCC prize for her work. She is currently taking care of her family alongside her writing career.

Ngozi is a loving wife and mother. She met Sam Acho in 2004 and they got married in 2014. Sam Acho is a famous NFL player who has won several awards for his playing. He is a very smart and dedicated person.

Ngozi has a vast range of interests and knowledge, and she has a lively and inviting online entertainment presence to coordinate. She often tries new perspectives or content and works with various online entertainment big names. She stands tall at 5 feet 4 inches and has a slim body type.

Net Worth

Ngozi is a well-known writer and has made a name for herself by her writing skills. Her writing is her main source of income and she takes good care of her family while working. She has an estimated net worth of $3 to $4 million.

She is married and lives a normal life with her husband. She shares many images of her children on social media platforms. Her children include Adwa Headley Stushie, Djanomi Headley, and Kas Headley (son).

Ngozi has immense knowledge and interest in a wide range of topics. She also gives lectures and workshops on various topics. She is a very warm person and has an appealing personality. She has a lot of fans worldwide who follow her and wish to learn from her. She is a very generous person and has given many charity donations. She has also started a charity named ‘Sistah Space’ for women and girls of African and Caribbean heritage who have experienced sexual and domestic violence.


Ngozi Ebichi is a novelist and comic writer who has been involved in the industry for quite some time now. She has a considerable following on the internet and is known for her illustrations and stories. She has also been awarded the NCC prize for her work. She is currently taking care of her family while writing and drawing.

Ngozi and Sam Acho are happily married. They met in Nigeria in 2004 where Sam’s family does humanitarian work through their Living Hope Ministries organization. The couple married in 2014 and are celebrating their nine years together. Sam has not revealed ancillary information about their children but does post beautiful photos of them on his Instagram account.

Sam and Ngozi have two gorgeous sons and one appealing daughter. The couple does charity work in Africa and has a big goal of establishing a hospital in Nigeria. Their philanthropic efforts have been lauded by many including former Baltimore Ravens Running Back Justin Forsett and Indianapolis Colts Defensive End Calais Campbell.

Personal Life

A person’s personal life includes the interests and relationships that they keep private from others. It also encompasses hobbies and activities that they enjoy outside of work. This can include sports, art, or social media activity.

Ngozi Ebichi is an African American writer and comics author. She has been in the industry for a while and is well known for her representations and stories. She started her writing career in the early 2000s and has received the NCC award for her work. She is an independent author and takes care of her family while working.

Sam Acho is married to a beautiful lady named Ngozi Ebichi. The couple tied the knot in 2014. Sam often travels to Nigeria to help families with unfortunate everyday environments, which is where he met his future wife. Ngozi has been a great influence on his life and he has a lot to thank her for. Her love and support have transformed his entire outlook on life.

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