Liza Barber

Liza Barber

Liza Barber is the wife of American quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick. She is a huge fan of the player and is his number one cheerleader.

They have been married since 2006 and are blessed with six children. She is also expecting their seventh child.

Birth Date

Liza Barber was born in West De Moines, Iowa, USA. She has not revealed much about her childhood or early life and the exact date of her birth is unknown.

She grew up under her parents’ care and later got a scholarship to study at the prestigious Harvard University. She completed her graduation in 2005.

During her college days, she played soccer. She became an ‘All American’ player and was the captain of her team.

She married Ryan Fitzpatrick in 2006. They have seven children; four girls and three boys.

Personal Life

Liza Barber is a wife and mother of seven children. Her husband, Ryan Fitzpatrick, is a professional active NFL footballer.

The two got together while they were still undergraduate students at Harvard University. They later married and are now happily devoted to each other.

During her college days, she was an avid soccer fan and a member of the Harvard Crimson female soccer team. She represented the institution in varsity competitions and became captain of her team and the head of the defense unit.

She also received a scholarship to Harvard and graduated in 2005. During her time at Harvard, she was also an ‘All American’ player.

Not much is known about her post-college life, but she is now a housewife to NFL quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick. She enjoys her role as a housewife and is happy to take care of her children. She has seven children; four girls and three boys.


Liza Barber married American football player Ryan Fitzpatrick in 2006. Both of them went to Harvard University, and they have been together since their college days.

In 2006, they got engaged and tied the knot in the same year. They have seven children together, including Ruby, Maizy, Zoey, Lucy, Tate, Brady, and Jake.

During his NFL rookie season, he popped the question to Liza while they were having dinner at a popular American fast food joint. Interestingly, the proposal was made while she was munching her favorite chicken nuggets.

It was a very surprising moment for the couple and it also helped them gain a lot of attention. The pair later tied the wedding in the same year and have been enjoying their life ever since.

She is the biggest fan, lover, and backbone of her husband and is always there for him. She is also a very talented soccer player and an avid sports lover.


Liza Barber is a beautiful woman who married American ‘National Football League’ (NFL) player Ryan Fitzpatrick. She is an avid sports fan and has been her husband’s biggest support system since they got married.

She is an alumna of Valley High School in West De Moines, Iowa. After graduation, she got a scholarship to study at Harvard University.

Her college years were filled with soccer and she represented her university’s female team in various intercollegiate varsity competitions. She even went as far as to serve as the institution’s captain.

While a lot of women in her position would choose not to have kids, Liza loves having children so much that she has given birth to seven children.

Her children are four girls and three boys. The girls are Ruby, Maizy, Zoey, and Lucy Fitzpatrick, while the boys are Tate, Brady, and Jake.

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