Lauren Ashley Newton

Lauren Ashley Newton – The Daughter of a Famous Singer

Lauren is the only child of Kathleen McCrone and Wayne Newton. She has an elder sister named Erin from her father’s first marriage. The two sisters love to spend time with their father when he is performing in Las Vegas.

He is best known for his songs such as Daddy, Don’t You Walk So Fast and Red Roses for a Blue Lady. He has also appeared on several television shows including The Price Is Right.

Wayne Newton’s Wife

While there’s little information on Elaine Okamura, her husband, Wayne Newton is quite well-known. He is a celebrated entertainer who became famous for his show in Las Vegas. He is also known for his many popular songs, including Daddy and Red Roses for a Blue Lady.

The couple first met in the early 1990s when she attended one of his concerts. They began dating shortly thereafter. Their wedding took place in 1994, and it was a lavish ceremony at the singer’s 53-acre estate called Casa de Shenandoah.

Kathleen McCrone is a lawyer by profession and practices in North Olmsted, Ohio. She has a daughter, Erin Newton, who was born in July 1976.

She and her ex-husband share a good relationship. They often appear together in concerts that the singer hosts. Moreover, they have a close bond with Erin. They even play a game named “What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas” together. This game is a fun way to spend time together.

Elaine Okamura

Considering that she is the daughter of the famous singer, it is no wonder that she is quite an attractive lady. However, it is not easy to gather information about the woman because she has kept her personal life away from the media.

Elaine Okamura was born in 1944 and is currently 78 years old. She is an American national and belongs to the Asian ethnicity. She attended Kaimuki High School in Honolulu, Hawaii.

She married Wayne Newton in 1968 and the two went on to have one child together. The couple later divorced in 1985. Despite the unfortunate end to their marriage, they remain good friends.

Besides her son, Elaine also has a daughter named Erin from her first marriage. Erin often appears alongside her father at his shows and concerts. In addition to this, she spends time with her sister when she is not busy working as a lawyer in North Olmsted, Ohio.

Lauren’s Siblings

Lauren’s sister Erin has an elder half-brother, who is the son of Wayne’s first wife Kathleen. They spend time together and enjoy each other’s company. The sisters are also good friends with Nicola’s husband, Tommy.

During the 1980s, Lauren had roles in several movies and TV shows. One notable role was in HealtH, where she starred alongside James Garner. She was also in The Fan, where she played an actress being stalked by a crazed admirer.

She is also known for her fashion designs. She has a line of clothing and accessories that is geared towards different demographics, including jeans and children’s wear. Her style has been described as “a combination of classic preppy with a vintage feel.” Her designs are often inspired by popular culture, such as the PBS series Downton Abbey. This reflects her personal taste and has helped her achieve success. She has also been involved in charitable causes. She has been an advocate for gun violence prevention.

Lauren’s Personal Life

Despite being a famous singer, Lauren keeps her personal life low profile and is not known to attend many events. She is married to Matt and they are both in the medical field. They recently welcomed their newborn son Alby into the world. She shared a photo of her husband in a surgical mask holding their baby boy. She wrote that he was born seven weeks early but is doing well.

She is the daughter of Daddy, Don’t You Walk So Fast singer Wayne Newton and his lawyer wife Kathleen McCrone. She has an elder sister named Erin from her father’s previous marriage. Her family lives in southeast Las Vegas Valley. The couple enjoys spending time with their daughter and their siblings. They also love to travel and are often spotted in public with their children. They have also hosted a number of charity events. The couple has been together since April 1994.

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