Kunzang Seagal

Kunzang Seagal

Kunzang Seagal is the son of renowned American actor Steven Seagal and Erdenetuya Batsukh. He also has six half-siblings from his father’s previous marriages.

He has two sisters, Arissa LeBrock and Annaliza Seagal, and an elder brother, Dominic Seagal. They live a pretty lavish life together with their parents.

He is the son of Steven Seagal and Erdenetuya Batsukh

Kunzang Seagal is the son of famous American actor & producer Steven Seagal and his wife Erdenetuya Batsukh. He was born in September 2009 and is the only child of his parents.

His father is an actor and producer, whereas his mother is a Mongolian dancer who trained at the Children’s Palace in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

He was born on September 17, 2009, in California. He is a teenager who hasn’t started his professional career yet.

Steven and Erdenetuya met in 2002 when he visited Mongolia to raise funds for a movie about Genghis Khan. During that time, she worked as an interpreter for him, and they married in 2009.

He is single

Kunzang Seagal is a young celebrity child who was born on September 17, 2009. He is the only son of actor Steven Seagal and Mongolian dancer Erdenetuya Batsukh.

He is a mixed race kid with American and Russian descent. His parents are both from the entertainment industry and they are very often seen travelling to different places.

His father, Steven Seagal is an American actor, producer, screenwriter, and martial artist. He is also a philanthropist.

He has an estimated net worth of $16 million. His career as an actor and producer contributes a lot to his wealth. He also works as a police officer. He is currently based in Louisiana.

He is a child

Kunzang Seagal is the son of martial artist Steven Seagal and Erdenetuya Batsukh. He was born on September 17, 2009, in the United States of America.

He is a child who loves martial arts and has good looks too. He has a fair complexion along with a pair of black eyes and hair of the same color as well.

As of now, he is a kid who enjoys his life, studies, and spends quality time with his family. We are sure that he will be a successful person like his parents in the near future.

Aside from Kunzang, there are other children of Seagal who have been kept under the radar. One of them is Annaliza.

He is a martial artist

kunzang seagal has been a martial artist since he was young. He has trained in several forms of martial arts, including karate, judo, and kung fu.

He has also been trained in aikido, which is an art form that focuses on peaceful coexistence. He is a seventh-dan black belt in aikido.

According to Russian news agency Tass, kunzang seagal has cut a ceremonial ribbon to open a new aikido center in Moscow this past Saturday.

He is the son of famous movie star Steven Seagal and his Asian wife, Erdenetuya Batsukh. He is 13 years old and born under the Virgo astrological sign.

He is an actor

kunzang seagal is an American actor who was born in September 2009. He is the son of Steven Seagal and Erdenetuya Batsukh.

He has earned a lot of fame as an actor. He has starred in numerous films. He has also worked as a martial arts instructor and stunt coordinator.

Kunzang is a great talent and has good looks. He is also very nice and has a great personality.

His father is an American actor, producer, and screenwriter. He is a martial artist and has black belts in Aikido.

Besides acting, Seagal is also a talented musician. He has released two studio albums, Songs from the Crystal Cave and Mojo Priest. He has collaborated with Stevie Wonder and Tony Rebel.

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