Kevin Sussman Net Worth

Kevin Sussman Net Worth

The world is fascinated by celebrities and their lives. So, we always want to know the smallest details about their personal lives, including their net worth.

Kevin Samuels is a successful Life coach, Influencer and Image Consultant who has earned over $4 million in his career. Most of his income comes from his YouTube channel.

He is an actor

Kevin Sussman Net Worth:

During his career, he has worked on a number of movies and television shows. He also created the Smodcast podcast network.

He is currently a social media star and has a huge following on various platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. He also has a large fan base on YouTube, which he often uses to upload videos and content related to his life and work.

However, his fame did not come easily as he had to struggle a lot in the beginning. He even spent a week sleeping in his car, to make ends meet.

Despite his hardship, he was determined to succeed and never gave up on his dream. This attitude is what brought him the success that he has today. He has become famous by playing the role of Jake from State Farm during the Super Bowl commercials, which has helped him to earn a huge net worth.

He is married

Kevin Samuels is a businessman, photographer and an internet media influencer. He is based in the United States and has a net worth of $3 million.

He is also a husband and father of two children. He was born in Georgia, but his parents divorced when he was young.

During his school years, he studied at Millwood High School and attended the University of Oklahoma to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering.

After graduating, he worked as a business development manager and a marketing sales agent. He later ventured into image consultancy.

According to reports, he was married twice. The first one lasted for a year, and the second for three years before their marriage ended in a divorce.

He reportedly has a daughter from his ex-wife. Her name was not disclosed, but she was born on June 29, 2000.

He is single

Kevin Samuels is an American businessman and picture specialist who owns a number of online media platforms. He has an estimated net worth of $3 million.

He has an Instagram account with 114k followers, as well as a Youtube channel with 528k subscribers. He also has a website, which provides dating advice to men.

His personal life is kept out of the public eye, though he is known for dating a model who is now married. The couple is happy and have two children together.

While Kevin has been active in the media for years, he has never revealed much about his personal life. There is no information about his ex-wives or their names, and he has never spoken about them in interviews.

His first marriage lasted for a year, but it ended in divorce. It is thought that his first wife was his high school sweetheart. Their daughter was born in 2001.

He has a daughter

Kevin Sussman has a daughter with his long-time girlfriend Mishel Courtois. She was born on June 29, 2000, but her identity is still a mystery.

He has a net worth of a few million dollars. He earned it from his professional career as an entrepreneur and social media influencer, as well as YouTube and brand sponsorships.

Before becoming an entrepreneur, he worked as an image consultant and life coach for several years. He was also a dating expert and a podcaster.

Currently, he runs his own business as an image consultant and life coach, called Life & Style by Kevin Samuels. He offers services like integration, wardrobe styling, job interviews, coaching for clients and recording artists, among others.

He also owns a big property in Los Angeles, where his showroom is located. He lives in the area with his daughter and their dog. They are both happy together and emotionally in love.

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