Joy Marchenko

Joy Marchenko – The Ex-Wife of Dean Stockwell

Joy Marchenko is the ex-wife of American actor Dean Stockwell. She is a textiles expert who works in Morocco.

She and Stockwell were married for 22 years. They had two children together: Austin and Sophia. They divorced in 2004.

Who is Joy Marchenko?

Joy Marchenko is a textiles expert who has been in the business for several decades. She is the second ex-wife of acclaimed actor Dean Stockwell, whose career spanned more than 70 years. The former couple lasted more than two decades and raised a pair of children, Austin and Sophia.

Her name might be a mouthful, but she has certainly lived a long and distinguished life in the public eye. She is best known for her marriage to legendary Hollywood film and television actor Dean Stockwell, who has been in the entertainment business since he was just a kid. The duo was married for 22 years, but divorced in 2004. She is currently in her mid-70’s and is living the good life in sunny Los Angeles. Besides being an entertainment icon, she is also a philanthropist and a good friend of the arts. She is a big fan of modern dance and has been teaching it for many years.

Who was Dean Stockwell’s first wife?

Dean Stockwell’s first wife was actress Millie Perkins. They were married in 1960 and separated two years later. He was then married to textiles expert Joy Marchenko from 1981 until 2004.

The couple had two children, Sophia and Austin. They kept their careers and families private and didn’t have public social media profiles.

During his childhood, Dean Stockwell said he often dreaded acting. He said he looked up to directors and leading actors on the set as father figures.

He eventually became a popular child actor, appearing in 19 films before he was 16 years old. His impish, dimpled appearance and genuine acting talent kept him on the box office for more than a decade.

He also starred in films like DH Lawrence’s Sons and Lovers (1960) and Eugene O’Neill’s Long Day’s Journey Into Night (1962). He won his first Cannes Film Festival acting award for Compulsion, which was based on the Leopold and Loeb story.

Who is Sophia Stockwell?

Sophia Stockwell is an American actress and the daughter of famous actor Dean Stockwell and Joy Marchenko. She was born on August 5, 1985 in the United States of America.

Her father is an American film and television actor who has more than seventy years of experience in the field. He starred in many films like Anchors Aweigh, The Green Years, Gentleman’s Agreement and Kim.

He also acted in television shows such as Quantum Leap and Battlestar Galactica. He passed away on November 7, 2021 from a natural cause. He had been suffering from health complications earlier in 2005.

Dean Stockwell died in November 7, 2021 at the age of 85 years old (March 5, 1936-November 7, 2021). He was famous for his role as Rear Admiral Albert “Al” Calavicci in Quantum Leap and Brother Cavil in the Sci-Fi Channel revival of Battlestar Galactica.

What is Dean Stockwell’s net worth?

Dean Stockwell’s net worth is estimated to be $245 million. He owes his wealth to smart stock investments and substantial property holdings. He also enjoys a lucrative endorsement deal with CoverGirl cosmetics.

He is a retired American actor, who began his career as a child actor. He starred in a variety of films, including Anchors Aweigh and Gentleman’s Agreement.

Stockwell was born in Los Angeles, California, on March 5, 1936, to a family of entertainers. His father, Harry Stockwell, was an actor and a singer. His mother, Elizabeth “Betty” Stockwell, was an actress and comedian.

His elder brother was Guy Stockwell, who was a TV and film actor. His stepmother, Nina Olivette, was an actress and a toe dancer.

After a small role in the 1945 melodrama Valley of Decision, Stockwell won the part in Paul Osborne’s play Innocent Voyage. He was soon signed by MGM. He went on to work in thousand of movies and made a lot of money.

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