Jolie Jones Levine

Jolie Jones Levine

Jolie Jones is a famous American actress, model, singer, and writer. She is also the daughter of legendary music producer Quincy Jones.

She is married to Stewart Levine who is a talented musician. They have two sons, Donovan and Sunny.

Quincy Jones’ Daughter

Jolie Jones Levine is an actress cum producer and the daughter of the legendary musical genius Quincy Jones. Here are a few fun facts about her birthday, childhood, family life and more!

Born in 1953, Jolie is a singer and an actress. She is also a fashion designer and a writer.

Her father, Quincy Jones, is an influential record producer and arranger who has won 27 Grammy Awards. He’s known for his work on many film scores and classic albums.

In addition to his music, Quincy is also a talented filmmaker. He directed the documentary Quincy, which debuted on Netflix in 2018 and won the Grammy Award for Best Music Film in 2019.

His daughter Jolie Jones has made a name for herself in Hollywood. She co-wrote the film Tag and was a cast member in the movies I Love You, Man, The Social Network, and Toy Story 4. Her latest project is a feature-length documentary about her father.

Married Life

Quincy Jones’ daughter Jolie jones levine is an actress, musician, and activist. She is married to music producer Stewart Levine and has two sons with him.

She was born in Manhattan, New York and attended PS 6 and New Lincoln School. Her father is African-American and her mother is European-American.

In 1984, she moved to London with her family and pursued a career in singing. She collaborated with renowned artists, including Jon Anderson, Curiosity Killed the Cat and Nick Kamen.

In 1987, she joined Brazilian artist Ivan Lins and helped to produce two of his albums. Later, she became a founding member of Earth Communications Office. She continued her professional musical career and performed with the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra.


Jolie Jones Levine has been blessed with two beautiful sons, Donovan and Sunny. Both of them have grown up as wonderful human beings and are doing well in life.

She gave birth to her first son Donovan when she was twenty years old. He was followed by Sunny soon after.

As a mother, Jolie juggled her career and parenting. She continued her work on Revlon and Max Factor ads and found time for non-profit fundraising. She also became a founding member of a local chapter of SANE.

Moreover, she travelled to Brazil with her father to pursue her passion for music. This was a great experience that inspired her to resume her musical career after she became a mother.

Her husband, Stewart Levine, began his career as a musician at a young age and was involved with several notable names like Hugh Masekela. He also worked with Herbie Hancock and Donald Byrd. He also produced many albums that were certified gold and considered classics.

Net Worth

Jolie Jones Levine is a famous American singer, actress, and model. She is married to Stewart Levine and has two sons. She is a very cheerful personality and has an attractive physique.

She is known for her role in the musical film “Born to Sing”. She also has a passion for painting and sculptures.

In addition to being a talented singer, she is a social activist. She founded the nonprofit organization SANE and a group called Take It Back.

Her father, Quincy Jones is a famous musician and music producer. He has a net worth of US$400 million.

He owns a house in Chicago, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, and New York. He also owns several properties in Europe.

Jolie Jones is a talented singer who collaborated with Jon Anderson, Curiosity Killed the Cat, and Nick Kamen. She has also collaborated with Brazilian artist Ivan Lins.

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