Inty Miller

Inty Miller

Inty Miller is an American journalist who works as a copy editor for a number of major newspapers. He is also a well-known author of several books on a wide variety of topics.

JAMES CAMPBELL MILLER was born on July 24, 1826, in Center, Butler County, Pennsylvania. He married LOVINA BRIGHT (07 Aug 1828 – 23 Feb 1904).

Inty Miller Age

Inty Miller is a talented rapper and singer who was born on the 27th of February 1993. She is a Louisiana native and an Afro-American. She started her career with TRU before she went solo. She has released four songs so far – For Better or Worse (2017), Whatever It takes (2019), You Know I See You (2017) and That Real Love (2017).

Inty is the daughter of Master P and Sonya C, and she has two older brothers – Vercy Miller, aka Young V, and Veno Miller. Her younger brothers are also part of the entertainment industry, and they are basketball enthusiasts like their dad. She was a student of Calabasas High School where she completed her high school education. She is also an alum of George Washington University, where she earned her degree in psychology with a focus on situation theory and social influence.

Inty Miller Net Worth

Inty Miller is a very talented singer and songwriter who has earned her net worth from her talent. She has been an active participant in the music industry for many years and has been releasing songs since she was a teenager. She has also starred in several films and TV shows. In addition to her musical skills, she is known for her modeling skills. Her net worth is estimated to be $1 million, which she has accumulated through her talents as a singer and songwriter.

Inty Miller’s net worth is mainly derived from her talent as a musician and her appearance in several hit television shows. She is the daughter of a popular rapper and has six siblings. Her parents split up when Inty was a baby. Her dad, Percy Miller, is also famously known as Master P and is an original member of a rap group called TRU. He is also a self-made businessman and owns a Footlocker outlet, a phone Sex company, and a Conglomerate that generates a revenue of over $110 million in a single year.

Inty Miller Instagram

Inty Miller is a talented Afro-American rapper cum singer who has dropped four tracks so far. Besides her musical endeavors, the daughter of music superstar Master P is also an actress. She has starred in a handful of productions in the movies and is a basketball enthusiast like her younger brothers Hercy and Mercy.

Inty Miller’s Instagram page is filled with stylish photos of her outfits, elaborate nail art, her dogs Steven and Walter and behind the scenes of her photo shoots. She also shares her travels and personal life with her followers. Her profile has over 135,000 followers and her posts are regularly liked by her fans.

Inty Miller Dogs

The Inty Miller triumphed urd is a household name in the home grown dog space. Miller is a 60lb plus specimen with an impressive pedigree that has earned him a few best in class awards. Despite the dog’s penchant for barking it out, he is quite the gentleman and is a creditable etiquette model. The Miller mule isn’t afraid of anyone or anything but is an excellent family dog with the right training and socialization.

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