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Bowling Celebrity Profile – John Douglas “Guppy” Troup

A pro bowler since the mid-’70s, John Douglas ‘Guppy’ Troup has won eight national championships and 41 PBA Regional Tour tournaments. He also placed second twice on the nationwide circuit and finished 12 additional times in the top five.

In 1979, Troup set a record by playing six flawless 300 games. However, he was dissatisfied with his performance the following season and considered retiring.

What is Guppy Troup’s zodiac sign?

Born in Edinburgh, Scotland, on January 18, 1950, professional ten-pin bowler John Douglas “Guppy” Troup has a zodiac sign of Capricorn. Guppy is a well-known bowler and has eight national titles to his name, along with 41 regional tournament wins on the PBA Tour.

He is known for his colorful bowling costumes and has been dubbed the PBA Tour’s gaudiest dresser by Bob Kravitz of the Pittsburgh Press. He is also recognized for his wild personality and flashy public persona, which has made him popular among the bowling community.

Guppy Troup has been a pro bowler for 35 years, winning eight national championships and another 41 PBA regional tournaments. He has also earned 12 top-five finishes throughout his career.

How much does Guppy Troup earn per year?

Known for his colorful uniform, Guppy Troup is a professional bowler who has been active since the mid-’70s. He has eight PBA Tour titles and more than 40 regional titles.

He also holds a PBA record for rolling six perfect 300 games in 1979. However, he was dissatisfied with his results the next season and considered retirement.

Even though he shattered his ankle early in 1981, Troup continued to play and earned more than $23,000 that year.

Troup has a career total of 16 300 games on the PBA Tour. He has made 27 championship round appearances and owns ten PBA Regional titles.

In 2021, he was named Chris Schenkel PBA Player of the Year after winning two Guaranteed Rate PBA Tour titles. He set a new single-season earnings record by earning $469,200 and surpassing the previous record of $419,700 held by Walter Ray Williams Jr. He will look to add to his earnings at the PBA Tour Finals in June.

What is Guppy Troup’s height?

Guppy Troup is a famous bowler who has earned a huge amount of money from his prize money winnings. He is currently 31 years old and stands at 6 ft 1 in height.

The American ten-pin bowler is currently single and focuses on his career goals. He has no past relationships and is very secretive about his personal issues.

He is an extremely successful bowler who has won eight PBA titles and 41 in regional competitions. He is also a member of the Team USA bowling team.

In his early career, he set a PBA Tour record with six perfect 300 games. He then had a down period where he did not qualify for a televised final for more than a year.

He is an American ten-pin bowler who has won eight PBA titles. He is currently a member of the Portland Lumberjacks team. He won the 2019 PBA League competition with his partner Jesper Svensson.

What is Guppy Troup’s weight?

Guppy Troup is a ten pin bowler who started competing professionally in the mid-70s. During his career, he has won eight national titles and has amassed 41 victories in the PBA Regional Tour.

He is also the first bowler to win a single season earnings title on the PBA Tour. His winnings in 2021 were a hefty $469,200.

Throughout his career, Guppy has been an inspiration to many young bowlers. He taught them to have fun while doing something as serious as playing the sport they love.

A month before Father’s Day, Kyle Troup gave his dad, Guppy a gift that will always be a keepsake. This was no ordinary present, but rather a WWE championship belt that will eventually be tucked away on an entertainment center in the Troup household. The belt has an enticing strap and is a sight to behold. The belt even boasts a glitzy crystal display. The most notable of all, the belt is a big deal for both Guppy and Kyle and it is an important part of their shared history.

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