Deni Montana Harrelson

Deni Montana Harrelson

Deni Montana Harrelson is the daughter of renowned actor Woody Harrelson. She leads a private life away from the spotlight and is homeschooled by her parents.

She has two older sisters, Zoe Giordano and Makani Ravello. They live on Maui, Hawaii with their father and his wife Laura Louie.

Her father’s name is Woody Harrelson

Deni Montana Harrelson is the daughter of famous actor Woody Harrelson. Her father is a Primetime Emmy-winning television, theatre, and film actor. He has starred in various films and TV shows, including Cheers, No Country for Old Men, and Zombieland.

He is also the co-founder of Yoganics, an organic food delivery service. He also married Laura Louie in 2008 and they have three daughters together.

They reside in Maui, Hawaii. They are very close to each other and love spending time with their kids.

Despite her stardom, Deni Montana Harrelson is very private and rarely makes public appearances. She even gave a TED Talk about the importance of disconnecting from technology.

Deni Montana Harrelson is the oldest daughter of actor Woody Harrelson and his wife Laura Louie. She is very close to her father and has always been his best friend.

Her mother’s name is Laura Louie

Laura Louie is a famous American businesswoman who came into the limelight after she married Woody Harrelson. Initially, she was a very private person. She never shared her details publicly, which is why her identity is a mystery until now.

As an active businesswoman, she owns Yoganics, an organic food delivery service. She also advises people to take a more eco-friendly approach towards their lives.

She is a mother of three daughters, Deni Montana, Zoe Giordano, and Makani Ravello. The girls have grown up together and love traveling around the world.

Her parents, Woody and Laura, have been together for over three decades. They met in 1987 when Laura was working as his personal assistant. They dated for three years before they officially got married in 2008.

Her siblings are Deni Montana Harrelson-Louie and Zoe Giordano Harrelson-Louie

Woody Harrelson and Laura Louie have three kids together: Deni Montana, Zoe Giordano and Makani Ravello. The family lives in Hawaii and spends a lot of time on vacation.

Their first daughter, Deni Montana, was born on February 28, 1993, while they were still unmarried. She was homeschooled and kept away from the public eye for years, which allowed her to grow up in a normal way.

Zoe Giordano was born two years later and has stayed out of the spotlight as much as her sister has. She has appeared on the screen a few times, such as in the 2015 short film U2: Song for Someone with her dad.

Her father Woody Harrelson met her mother Laura Louie when she was working as his assistant on the set of Cheers in 1987. The couple got married in 2008 and are now happily together with their three daughters.

Her birthday is February 28, 1993

Deni Montana Harrelson is the eldest daughter of American actor Woody Harrelson and Laura Louie. Despite being a celebrity kid, she prefers to stay low-key and avoid media attention.

She is also known for her dietary choices, which include a vegan diet. She and her husband, Woody Harrelson, both believe that raw food is healthier than cooked foods.

The couple also owns the world’s first organic vegan beer garden. They also promote eco-friendly habits and are trying to save their environment.

Her sister, Zoe Giordano Harrelson-Louie, is a high school student and made her acting debut in 2015. She has also given a Ted Talk where she spoke about the importance of disconnecting from phones.

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