Dave Guhse

Dave Guhse – Small Business Coach

My Career

Dave is an accomplished small business coach, assisting clients with achieving their goals and transforming themselves into more impactful leaders. His practical advice is based on a deep understanding of the challenges faced by fast-growing companies, and his ability to design solutions that both meet objectives and mitigate risk.

He has helped hundreds of emerging and incumbent leaders become more successful. Common goals include increasing revenues and profits, effectively managing large teams or simply finding balance professionally and personally.

In his spare time, David enjoys a variety of activities including golf, investing, fishing & hunting, and enjoying life with his family. He also supports many veteran causes and believes that everyone should have the opportunity to achieve their personal potential.

Dave is a dedicated and honest family man who strives to help others succeed in their businesses and life. He is also a strong advocate for his country, church and friends. He has spent many years pursuing his dreams and has achieved great success.

My Personal Life

Dave is a stand-up comedian, television and radio presenter. He is known for his larrikin personality, drawling Australian accent, and deadpan comedic delivery.

He has appeared on the Australian television shows The Fat, Rove Live, Thank God You’re Here, Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation, The Project, Studio 10, All-Star Family Feud, Under Melbourne Tonight and Spicks & Specks. He is also a panelist on Network Ten’s Saturday night show Before the Game, alongside Mick Molloy, Lehmo and Andy Maher.

Despite his busy career, Dave always finds time for his children. He reads Rafferty bedtime stories from his favourite books, hugs Sadie through her intensive ‘pre-bedtime’ demands and stays with Holly when she’s busy.

He has achieved much success through hard work and dedication. He has managed to earn a living through his stand-up performances, TV and radio appearances, and by creating and promoting his own production company. He also runs a charity that provides water projects to developing countries.

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