Darius John Rubin

Darius John Rubin

The son of renowned media personalities James Rubin and Christiane Amanpour, Darius John Rubin was born on March 27, 2000. He is 19 years old and a handsome young man with brown eyes and black hair.

Amanpour met her husband, Rubin, in 1997 when she was working on a news story in war-torn Sarajevo. They soon developed a romantic relationship.

His parents

Darius john rubin is the son of a famous journalist, Christiane Amanpour. She is a British-Iranian journalist and a Chief International Anchor for CNN.

She is also the host of Amanpour & Company on PBS. Her journalism career is her major source of income.

Her net worth is $18 million. She has accumulated such a huge fortune as a result of her successful journalism career.

The couple met in 1997 while working in war-torn Sarajevo. They fell in love and tied the knot in 1998.

Their marriage was celebrated with high-ranking diplomats and political figures. Unfortunately, their marriage ended in July 2018 after 20 years of togetherness.

The celebrity kid was born on March 27, 2000, in Washington, D.C at Columbia Hospital. He is now 22 years old and his sun sign is Aries. He is currently enrolled in a college that is unknown to the public.

His net worth

Darius John Rubin, whose parents are renowned media personalities James Rubin and Christiane Amanpour, has amassed a fortune through his career. He has previously worked for the Arms Control Association and the US State Department.

The former Assistant Secretary of State, he was considered Secretary Madeleine Albright’s right-hand man. He was also an informal adviser to President Bill Clinton and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

He has an estimated net worth of over $14 million. However, he prefers to keep his personal life private.

His mother, on the other hand, is a famous journalist and has a large fan following on social media. Her Instagram account has over 180k followers as of August 2022.

The couple married in 1998 and had their first child, Darius, in 2000. They remained together for over two decades before the divorce was announced in July 2018.

His height and weight

Darius John Rubin was born on March 27, 2000, in Washington DC. He weighed 8 pounds and 6 ounces during his birth. He is a mixed-raced boy with British and American parents.

He was born to a British-Iranian journalist Christiane Amanpour and her former husband, James Rubin. Amanpour and Rubin met when they were both working in international crises.

Amanpour was born in the West London suburb of Ealing, but spent a significant part of her childhood in Tehran. She currently lives in Surrey, England.

Amanpour began her career at CNN in 1983 as a desk assistant on the foreign desk in Atlanta. She became a correspondent in 1986, covering the Iran-Iraq War and the fall of the Soviet Union. She would later go on to cover democratic uprisings in Eastern Europe. She left the network in 2010 to anchor This Week on ABC News. She has also been a contributor on 60 Minutes. She has won numerous awards, including the Peabody Award for her work.

His education

Darius john rubin is the son of famous media personalities, Christiane Amanpour and James Rubin. His mother is a British-Iranian journalist and TV host, while his father is a former diplomat and journalist.

He was born on March 27, 2000, at Columbia Hospital in Washington, DC. He has been a celebrity child ever since he was born.

His parents met in Sarajevo and married in Italy. The couple is happily married and their relationship is very strong.

Despite being a celebrity, his parents choose to keep their personal lives private and avoid the media. It is understandable why.

Darius is a very handsome and attractive person with dark brown eyes and black hair. He is a 19-year-old celebrity who has recently graduated from Tonbridge School in Kent, where he received his diploma in front of his parents.

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