Daniel Toce

Who is Daniel Toce?

Daniel Toce is an American comedian, television host, voice actor and writer. He is known for his purposefully insulting style of black comedy.

Born in Boppard, West Germany, he moved to Titusville, Florida at age 10. He received his Marketing degree from the University of Central Florida.

He is a businessman

Daniel Toce is a businessman who has been married to three different women in his lifetime. He is currently single and is focusing on his career.

He is known for his Instagram videos and pictures. He has a huge following and is regarded as one of the most skilled users on the app.

In the past, he was thought to be gay. He has a good sense of humor and is a supporter of LGBT movements.

However, he is not gay and has a wife and kids. Moreover, he is a good parent and takes care of his children well.

In the past, he was dating Megan Abrigo. They dated for two years before the pair split up. It was a difficult breakup for both of them. Ultimately, they were able to patch up their differences and got back together again.

He is married to Kim Zolciak-Biermann

Daniel Toce has been married to Kim Zolciak-Biermann since February 2009. They have a daughter named Ariana and a son named Brielle.

She is a reality television personality and singer who has an estimated net worth of $3 million. She also owns her own swimwear line called Salty K.

Her popularity is waning and it is unlikely she will make any moves to boost her net worth in the near future. It’s also likely that her husband doesn’t make much money in the NFL, so his net worth won’t help pad hers.

During their relationship, they shared an Instagram account. She shared one photo with a caption that read, “Hbd boo.” They had been dating for a long time and the pair was very happy together. However, rumors started to fly that the couple had split up.

He is gay

Toce was born on July 1973 in Warford, United States of America. He grew up with his parents and completed his high school education in his hometown.

Although he keeps his personal life away from the public, Daniel toce is a gay man. He has a very close relationship with his mother, and she has supported him in every step of his journey as a gay man.

He came out as a gay man at the age of 18. It was difficult for him to come out in public earlier. He used to hide his sexuality for years because he was afraid of being rejected by society.

In 2020, he finally revealed his sexuality on a talk show. He feels more comfortable after coming out. He thinks that it’s important for every LGBTQ+ person to be open and visible. He wants the media to change their way of portraying queer people.

He is a father

Daniel Toce is a successful American comedian, writer, television host and executive producer. He has released a number of comedy albums that have helped him earn a wealth estimated at $20 million.

He has also lent his image and voice to many causes, including The Trevor Project and hosting the 2016 Glaad Media Awards. He is a champion for LGBTQIA+ rights, homeless queer youth, and banning conversion therapy.

At ten years of age, he began competitively racing mountain bikes. He eventually joined the Swiss Junior National Team.

However, he suffered a serious injury while competing in the 1997 Swiss Championship. He was knocked unconscious when he crashed his bike into the course’s fence.

Despite his accident, Daniel did not lose his passion for cycling and eventually became a three-star Michelin chef. He worked under the tutelage of Gerard Rabaey at Le Pont de Brent in Montreux, Switzerland, for three years. The restaurant is owned by Meyer Restaurant Group and is known for its high-quality cuisine.

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