Corey Pritchett Jr

Corey Pritchett Jr

Corey Pritchett Jr is an American YouTuber who is famous for comprising one half of the Carmen and Corey channel alongside his wife Carmen. He also has an individual channel named Life with Corey.

He and his wife Carmen run a joint channel that features lifestyle videos, hilarious situations, and pranks. They have two sons, CJ and Ayden.

Corey Pritchett Jr. is a YouTuber

Corey Pritchett Jr is a famous YouTube star and social media personality who has an estimated net worth of $5 million. He is a tall man with black hair and eyes. He first gained popularity when he created his channel called Carmen and Corey along with his wife. They have an estimated 416 million combined subscribers on their channels. Corey also has a personal YouTube channel where he posts videos about his luxury car collection.

The couple is known for their pranks, challenges and vlogs videos on the combined channel of Carmen and Corey. Their prank video called “PERIOD PRANK (Gone Wrong)” went viral and earned them international online fame. Carmen also has a personal YouTube channel where she uploads videos about feminine products.

The couple is now raising two sons named CJ and Cayden. They have a very successful lifestyle and love to spend time with their family. They have a beautiful home in Atlanta, Georgia, and are also active on Instagram and Twitter with their millions of followers. Corey is also an avid automobile collector, and he has a collection of over 20 cars. He loves to go to the car events with his wife and friends. Corey is very passionate about his work and always tries to make the best content possible.

He is married to Carmen Pritchett

Corey Pritchett Jr is a famous YouTuber and social media personality from the United States. He has a combined channel with his wife, Carmen Pritchett, known as Carmen and Corey. The channel showcases lifestyle videos and parenting moments. In addition, it features pranks and challenges.

Moreover, he has a personal vlog channel called Life With Corey. He has a huge car collection that includes dodge chargers, box chevy, monte Carlo, trucks, four-wheelers, and Lamborghinis. He posts content related to his car collection on this channel and has earned more than 500k fans. He also collaborates with various brands and is an ambassador of Flat Tummy.

The couple has been married since 2017 and have two sons, CJ and Ayden. They have a strong and supportive relationship. Despite being young, they have managed to achieve great success and live a luxurious lifestyle. Their fans often ask them about their relationship and if they are in love. The couple has addressed rumors of cheating, and has remained faithful to one another. They are also interested in expanding their family in the future. However, they don’t want to put any pressure on themselves. As a result, they will wait until the time is right. This way, they can focus on their careers and their children.

He has two sons

Corey Pritchett Jr has two sons with his wife Carmen. He is a popular YouTube Star and CEO of his own brand SSG, which stands for So Smooth Gang. He is a big music artist with a mission to impact his culture and give others opportunities they may not have had.

His YouTube channel is known for uploading pranks, challenges, and vlogs. He has a large following and is well-known for his car collection, which includes Dodge chargers, chevy box, monte Carlo, trucks, four-wheelers, and Lamborghinis. His video titled “PERIOD PRANK (Gone Wrong)” has gone viral and is one of his most watched videos to date.

He and his wife started a second YouTube channel called The Pritchett Family, which features wholesome family-friendly videos. They have amassed millions of followers and are a hit on social media.

Corey Pritchett’s net worth is around $1 Million – $5 Million, which he has earned through his primary career as a YouTube Star. He lives a lavish lifestyle and has amassed a huge social following on his Instagram and Twitter accounts. He has never been involved in any controversy and has always maintained a distance between his personal life and professional career. He is an avid gamer and spends a lot of time playing online games with his wife and kids.

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