Christine Gibson

Christine Gibson

christine gibson is an author, trauma consultant, facilitator and family physician. Her work explores the woven narrative between her interests of wellbeing, trauma recovery and the power of story.

Her curiosity about people grew out of seeing her parents overcome obstacles and the encouragement she received to pursue their interests. After her survival of an earthquake in Nepal, Christine’s reach expanded to explore trauma.

She is a Family Physician

A family physician is a medical doctor who specializes in providing care for people of all ages. They are the only physicians trained at postgraduate level to address most common health conditions, most of the time in the context of patients’ families and communities.

They are also the only physicians trained to evaluate, stabilize and coordinate care with other health professionals for patients who might require community, hospital or subspecialty services. They are able to provide comprehensive and cost-effective care at all stages of life.

She has extensive experience working in a variety of different settings including urban medicine and urgent care clinics. She is dedicated to educating her patients on the importance of preventive healthcare and the role they can play in their own well-being.

She is the Chief Medical Officer for River Valley Family Health Centers, a federally qualified health clinic in western Colorado. She is passionate about making sure that all patients have access to quality healthcare no matter their ability to pay.

She is a Trauma Consultant

Christine Gibson is a trauma consultant, author, and facilitator in Calgary. She uses her family experiences and medical training to build resilience in both individuals and populations.

A trauma consultant works with clients who have experienced a traumatic event, which can be anything from losing a loved one to a gruesome accident. Traumatic stress can cause a person to have intense anxiety and a sense of insecurity.

This is a very sensitive and complex field of work, so it requires a great deal of skill. A trauma consultant must have a deep understanding of how trauma affects the body and mind, as well as the ability to see through the client’s trauma to their future rehabilitation.

A skilled trauma consultant will be able to guide the client to a therapist when necessary. They should also have a consultative approach that protects the client from harm, while still allowing them to access the tools and resources they need.

She is a Facilitator

She is a qualified and registered social worker with extensive experience in a range of practitioner and senior management positions in local authority children’s services. She has worked in child protection, safeguarding and children looked after services and also as a local authority group manager and head of family support services.

She has a BSc (Hons) in Psychology and is currently studying for a Masters in Public Health. She has an excellent working knowledge of the UK mental health system and is passionate about improving access to care and treatment for people with personality disorders.

She has been a facilitator in the mental health space for several years, mainly in the area of peer support groups for individuals who have personality disorders. She has also held the position of Unit Director at United Peers – an innovative peer run wellness and recovery center in the London borough of Waltham Forest. She is an accomplished communicator and a natural team player. She is very proud of her achievements and the positive impact that she has had on the lives of those in her care.

She is an Author

Christine Gibson has an extensive background in the academic realm and a deep curiosity about how our nervous systems work. She brings this together with her work as a physician and trauma consultant to create a unique practice that is deeply responsive to people’s needs.

She’s a Scottish-Ukrainian general physician and traumatologist in Calgary, Canada with a focus on health equity. She also runs an international non-profit working in East Africa and Asia, and is a social entrepreneur.

Her book, Modern Trauma Toolkit: How to Restore and Reclaim Your Life Through Healing Trauma is an approach that catalyzes growth through the complexities of healing trauma. She also created a Tik Tok channel (tiktoktraumadoc) and created a company to train in these tools for workplace environments (Safer Spaces Trainings).

Christine is passionate about empowering people to process their trauma effectively and regulate their nervous system, whether it’s through her practice, her book or her video content. She wants everyone to be able to have access to this knowledge, no matter their socioeconomic background.

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