Ann Carlson Khan

Ann Carlson Khan

Ann Carlson Khan is an American social worker, dancer, choreographer and performance artist. She is best known as the wife of Pakistani-American billionaire businessman, Shahid Khan.

The couple met while they were attending the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign. They were first introduced by a fraternity member and began dating throughout their college career.

She is the wife of Shahid Khan

Ann Carlson Khan is the wife of Shahid Khan, a Pakistani-American billionaire. The couple first met in 1967 when they were attending the University of Illinois. They dated for a decade before their wedding in 1977.

Ann and her husband Shahid Khan are now blessed with two children from their marriage. Their first child, Tony Khan, was born on 10 October 1982.

She is also the mother of a daughter Shanna Khan, who was born either in 1986 or 1987. Their daughter Shanna is now married to Justin McCabe.

During their married life, Ann Carlson Khan and Shahid Khan have given back to the community through the charity initiative named ‘Khan Foundation’. The foundation helps youth to solve their problems and improve their quality of life.

They also contribute to the Jacksonville Jaguars foundation, which helps in giving away thousands of tickets for each season. In addition, they donate to YMCA of Florida’s first coast, Ronald McDonald House of Jacksonville, and the Jacksonville Humane Society.

She is a billionaire

Ann Carlson Khan is an American social worker and the wife of Pakistani billionaire businessman Shahid Khan. She and her husband are the owners of the Jacksonville Jaguars, an NFL team. They are also the founders of Flex-N-Gate, an automobile OEM company.

She and her husband met in college at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign. They were introduced by a fraternity member at a campus bar, and they began dating after that. They dated throughout college, and they married in 1977.

The couple has two children from their marriage – one daughter, Shanna Khan and son Tony Khan. They have a happy and successful family.

Carlson and her husband are active members of their community. They give back to their adopted city of Jacksonville through charity foundations and fundraising projects. Their donations focus on children’s and family programs, youth fitness, military and veterans, women’s health, and neighborhood regeneration. They also have a significant investment in local charities and businesses.

She is a former dancer

Khan is also an American social worker. She was born in Park Ridge, Illinois, on October 21, 1954. She has blonde hair color with hazel-colored eyes.

She completed her education from the University of Illinois, Champaign, Illinois. She received her BFA in Modern Dance from the University of Utah in 1976. She then earned her graduate degree in Dance from the University of Arizona.

Moreover, Ann Carlson Khan was a professional dancer for many years before she ended her career in the 1990s. She worked with Territory Dance Theater in Tucson, Arizona, USA. She also performed with Susan Rethorst and Meredith Monk.

Khan and her husband are involved in a number of charity activities. They have donated millions of dollars to various charities in the United States. They have also contributed to the Baptist MD Anderson Cancer Center in Jacksonville, Florida. They have also supported several charitable organizations, including the YMCA of Jacksonville and the Edward Waters College.

She is married to Shahid Khan

Ann Carlson Khan is an American social worker, dancer, and choreographer who is also the wife of Pakistani-American billionaire, Shahid Khan. She is married to him since 1977 and has two children from her marriage, a daughter named Shanna Khan and a son Tony Khan.

Khan is a businessman who owns Flex-N-Gate, the NFL team Jacksonville Jaguars, and London soccer club Fulham F.C. He also owns a yacht, Kismet, valued at $200 million.

The couple lives in different homes throughout the United States. They have a penthouse in Chicago’s Magnificent Mile area.

She and her husband also own a number of private jets and a yacht, Kismet. They are very involved in philanthropic causes.

Shahid Khan is a Pakistani-American businessman who owns Flex-N-Gate, an automobile OEM manufacturer. He is also a lead investor in Elite Wrestling. He is a billionaire and the richest person of Pakistani origin in history.

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