Angelo Moriondo Wife

Angelo Moriondo And His Wife Laura Marchetti

Angelo Moriondo and his wife Laura Marchetti are madly in love. They have two children together.

They got married at a secret wedding, and only a few of their close friends were invited to the ceremony.

The couple doesn’t like to share much about their personal life on social media, but they do post a lot of photos with their children.

What is Angelo Moriondo’s age?

Angelo Moriondo is an Italian professional footballer who plays as a central defender. He was born on May 23, 1988 in Casino, Italy.

He is known for his strong passing skills and is a good leader. He is currently playing for West Ham United in the English Premier League.

Moreover, he is the husband of Laura Marchetti and has two children named Samuel and Nora. He is a great father and takes care of his family very well.

His wife, Laura Marchetti is a gorgeous woman and is always dressed in stunning outfits. She loves her kids very much and makes sure that they are happy at all times.

She also travels with her husband during matches to support him. She also spends time with her kids while on vacation to make memories that they can cherish for a lifetime.

She is so lucky to be married to such a wonderful guy who will make her life happy and full of joy for years to come. She also teaches her children how to be confident and independent.

What is Angelo Moriondo’s height?

Angelo Moriondo stands at a respectable 1.90 meters or 190 cm in height, which is impressive for someone of his build. He weighs in at a modest 64 kilograms or 141 pounds. He has a well-toned physique, with dark brown hair and deep blue eyes.

His wife, Lebanese fashion designer Rouba Saadeh, tied the knot in 2014, but they sadly broke up in 2018. The pair had a legal wedding in Italy and a small ceremony in Lebanon with 20 guests.

Their two sons Marcus, born in 2014 and Brado, born in 2017, are their proudest accomplishments. They also have a dog and some very cool cats. Despite their busy schedules, they still find time to play a round of golf or enjoy a stroll on the beach together. Besides, they are incredibly generous and supportive of each other’s careers. They are also a couple that takes their time to consider the best gifts for each other.

What is Angelo Moriondo’s weight?

Angelo Moriondo is an Italian actor and model with a rather substantial net worth. He mainly earns his boodle from brand support. He is also a proud dad to two sons.

Angelo was born on October 3, 1990 in Reggio Calabria, Italy. He was the first of three children to be born to his father Natale and mother Angela, who were both seamstresses. The family eventually moved to Melegnano, near Milan, in search of a better life.

Although he is not a fan of the gym, Angelo does make time to do a few ab exercises per week. He also takes a stab at gymnastics, including steady rings and balance beams. Besides that, he has a healthy diet and an active lifestyle. He is also a self-professed tattoo enthusiast. So far, he hasn’t found the one that’s for him. The best part is that Angelo is a pretty good husband and father to boot. His wife is a Lebanese fashion designer Rouba Saadeh and they have two sons together.

What is Angelo Moriondo’s ethnicity?

Angelo Moriondo is a mixed race. He is half Chilean-American and half Italian-American. He is also a member of the Bonanno crime family. He is married to Laura Marchetti and they have two children together.

They both have a great bond with each other, but they keep their private life private. They haven’t posted any photos from their wedding ceremony, but they have a lot of beautiful photos on Instagram with their kids.

The couple has traveled a lot and made memories together. They love spending quality time with their children and making memories that will last forever.

They are a great couple and they are living happily ever after. They are currently living in Beverly Hills, California. Hopefully, they will share the details of their wedding soon. Until then, their love for each other will continue to grow. Their love for each other is evident through the pictures they post on social media. We can’t wait to see them live their best lives ever!

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