Alice Klomp

Alice Klomp – Fitness Model and Social Media Star

Alice Rebecca Klomp is a fitness model and social media star who has millions of followers on Instagram. She is also a professional physical trainer.

She gained popularity through Instagram where she regularly posted her workout videos, routines, and recipes.

She started getting recognition among famous fitness enthusiasts who admired her efforts. She then used her education on advertising and graphic design to boost her brand as a fitness model.

Alice Rebecca Klomp is a fitness model

Alice Rebecca Klomp, popularly known as PineappleBrat, is a fitness model and social media influencer. She gained recognition through her Instagram account, where she posted workout videos, routines, and recipes.

She used her education in Advertising and Graphic design to build upon this recognition. The result was a successful career in the fitness industry.

Klomp is a passionate fitness fanatic who works out frequently to keep her body fit and in good shape. She regularly updates her social media accounts with fitness tips and routines, and also provides advice on healthy diet.

Although she has gained a lot of popularity, she still maintains her privacy. She shares little details about her personal life on social media, and hasn’t revealed her parents or siblings.

She is currently in a relationship with bodybuilder Alex Bozinovski. They met in July 2017 when they were both students at Michigan State University, studying for a degree in Logistics, Materials, and Supply Chain Management.

She is in a relationship with bodybuilder Alex Bozinovski

Alice Rebecca Klomp is a fitness model and an Instagram personality who has been dating bodybuilder Alex Bozinovski since July 2017. The two met at Michigan State University, where they were both students studying for a bachelor’s degree in logistics, materials, and supply chain management.

The lovebirds have been together ever since and aren’t shy about expressing their feelings through their social media accounts. The pair’s fans are eagerly waiting for them to get married.

Moreover, they share cozy and romantic pictures on their Instagram account. In fact, they have over 1.5 million followers on their account.

Her boyfriend Bozinovski competes as an amateur with the National Physique Committee and also works as an online trainer. He offers customized training plans through his company BozFit for people who want to live a healthy lifestyle.

She has a fitness app

Alice Rebecca Klomp is an Instagram fitness model who has a healthy following on the social networking site. She posts workout routine videos and other content. She also shares advice on nutrition and weight loss, which has earned her millions of followers.

Klomp’s enviable body has its genesis in her frequent visits to the gym and well-planned diet. She consumes foods that are rich in proteins and vitamins and avoids junk food and excess sugar.

She has a height of 5 feet 9 inches and weighs 142 pounds. She is a graduate of Michigan State University, where she studied advertising and graphic design.

In 2017, Klomp launched a fitness app named Pineapple Brat, which offers a bevy of useful features, including a customizable workout plan and coaching sessions. The app is free to download, but you can pay $1 a month for access to additional content. She is also a certified personal trainer and has helped many of her followers achieve their health goals.

She has a YouTube channel

Alice Klomp is a well-known fitness model and social media influencer who rose to stardom in a short span of time. She started her career on Instagram, where she posted her workout routine videos and recipes.

She is a professional physical trainer who has a huge fan base on social media. She has a popular channel on YouTube called Pineapplrbrat, where she posts her workouts and dietary advice.

Her Instagram account has over 1.6 million followers. Her videos are viewed by thousands of people every day.

The fitness model is a big lover of exercise and works hard to achieve her body goals. She also eats healthy, and her diet consists of foods that are rich in protein and vitamins.

She has a stunning figure that makes everyone envious of her. She has an impressive height of 5 feet 8 inches and weighs around 60 kg. She wears yoga pants and sports bra to flaunt her sculpted body.

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