Aiyda Ghahramani

Aiyda Ghahramani

Aiyda Ghahramani is a lawyer and human rights activist. She is also the wife of NFL player Randall Cobb.

Aiyda is of Persian descent, and she grew up in New York. She has a son named Caspian Cyrus Cobb, who was born in 2018.

Aiyda and Randall met at an EA sports event that took place at Manhattan hotspot Lavo back in 2011. They started dating in 2014. And a year later, they got married.

She is a Human Rights Activist

aiyda ghahramani is a human rights activist who is known for her social media posts. She has a verified Instagram account and has a large following.

She is a mother of two children and she works hard to make time for them. She also has a husband, Randall Cobbs, who supports her in everything she does.

As a human rights activist, she works on different issues including female genital mutilation, discrimination and forced evictions. She promotes knowledge about human rights and encourages people to respect them.

When you’re an activist, it’s important to decide what issues you want to work on. This way, you can use your time and resources more effectively to make a difference.

As a human rights activist, she has worked with several organizations and groups to help bring about change. One way to get involved is to volunteer your time. Many human rights groups, national and local, post meeting schedules online and on their social media accounts.

She is a Lawyer

Aiyda Ghahramani is a patent attorney and human rights activist. She was born on August 22, 1989, in New York City. She is a daughter of Persian descent parents, Bahanor and Shahla Ghahramani.

Aiyda graduated from Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey- New Brunswick with a science degree in 2011. She later enrolled in the New Hemisphere School of Law and got her Doctor of Jurisprudence degree.

Currently, she works as an attorney at Sughrue Mion PLLC. She focuses on patent infringement cases predominantly associated with the biomedical industry.

She is a very loving mother and is devoted to her family. She takes good care of her two children, Caspian Cyrus Cobb and Rumi Cobb.

Her husband, Randall Cobb, is an NFL player and a famous athlete in the world of sports. They were married in 2018. The couple welcomed their first baby, Caspian Cyrus Cobb, in 2018, and later on, they had another kid, Rumi.

She is the Wife of Randall Cobb

Aiyda Ghahramani is the wife of Randall Cobb, a popular NFL player who plays for the Green Bay Packers. She is a lawyer and human rights activist who married Randall in 2017.

Aiyda’s parents are Bahanor and Shahla Ghahramani, who are both of Persian descent. She speaks fluent English and Farsi, the national language of Iran.

She graduated from Rutgers University in 2011 with a bachelor’s degree in science. She continued her studies at the New Hemisphere School of Law in 2014 and received a JD. She is currently working as an attorney at Sughrue Mion PLLC.

Randall and Aiyda were best friends since they first met at an EA sports event at Laho in 2011. They kept in touch but never got into a romantic relationship until 2014. On August 2015, when Aiyda turned 27, Cobb proposed to her in the most surprising way. He took her to the place where they met and decorated it with flowers and candles.

She has a verified Instagram account

Aiyda Ghahramani is a well-known lawyer and human rights activist. She has a verified Instagram account under the username @aiydacobb and her followers number 22 thousand. She enjoys sharing images of her children and their family vacations.

She has a bachelor’s degree in science from the State University of New Jersey-New Brunswick. However, she wanted to go further in her career and started studying law in 2011.

During her college years, Aiyda ran track and field and was a National Merit Scholar. She graduated with honors in biochemistry but decided to switch lanes and pursue law.

After graduating, she attended the New Hampshire School of Law, earning her Doctor of Jurisprudence in 2014. Aiyda is a mother of two kids. Her first son, Caspian Cyrus Cobb was born in 2018 and her daughter, Cade Rumi Cobb was born in 2020.

She is a proud member of a Persian descent and speaks Farsi fluently. Her wedding ceremony included Persian rituals and some Iranian music.

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